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More Than One Way Home Part 2: Radical Hospitality

Rev. Karen Medland of the First United Church gathers with children during a Sunday service (left), and the church's book club displays their latest read by renowned theologian Marcus Borg. (Madonna Hamel/CBC)

In the second of Daybreak contributor Madonna Hamel's faith and spirituality series she spent a couple of days with Rev. Karen Medland of the First United Church on the corner of Richter and Bernard.

She learned about the practice of 'Radical Spirituality' and the belief in being God's co-creators.

Reverend Medland began a guest lecture series that welcomed renowned theologian and author Marcus Borg to speak on the idea of being a co-creator and what that means in terms of creating a heaven on earth (as opposed to waiting for a reward in heaven).

Marcus Borg's latest book is called "Speaking Christian: Why Christian Words have Lost Their Meaning and Power," and the book is now one on the reading group's list at the church.
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