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The tale of two volunteer groups, the struggle and success

Cassey Hamilton - President of the Okanagan Fruit Tree Project (courtesy

What does a non profit group of volunteers do to keep interest and attract volunteers even while its purpose is noble?

We take a look at two groups in the central Okanagan, their work, their effort.

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Music's power over Dementia and Alzheimers

courtesy Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory

Music may soon echo down the halls of nursing homes.

If, someday you suffer from dementia, you might want to keep a favorite song handy.
More research shows that music is a powerful tool to fight Alzheimers and Dementia.

Thursday night in Kelowna, you can get an incredible glimpse into that world.
The film, Alive Inside, won the audience award at the Sundance Film Festival.
Dan Cohen, a character in the film, is the founder of Music and Memory, a non-profit organization that helps get music to patients and their caregivers.
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Southern Interior candidates - Free Air Time !!

courtesy cbc
Are you running in the municipal election?

How about 30 seconds of CBC airtime to make your pitch. Here's your chance.

But first, the rules. You have only 30 seconds. Tell us who you are, what position you seek, and why we should vote for you.

Remember you have 30 seconds and 30 seconds only. After that, snip and chop, you are cut off.

Record your pitch and email the sound file to

Happy campaigning and remember, don't go on too long or we'll cut you off.

And here's a tip, the sooner you get your spot in the higher the probability it will run.

If we get them all in the last week or two of the campaign, we can't promise they will air.

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Physicians for a Smoke Free Canada on pharmacy tobacco sales


Should you be able to get cigarettes at the same place you buy your smoking cessation products?

We continue looking at the issue, with comments from an executive vice president of London Drugs and the executive director of Physicians for a Smoke Free Canada.

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The legal fight looming over tobacco products

courtesy RCI

The College of Pharmacists of B.C. wants stores with pharmacies to stop selling tobacco products.

It has been proposing the ban for years, but, the college board has yet to pass it.

However, retailers like London Drugs, Safeway and the Overwaitea Food Group are threatening legal action if the College tries to ban cigarette sales.

Clint Mahlman is the Executive Vice President of London Drugs.

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We're giving away Gordon Lightfoot VIP packages

Gordon-Lightfoot2.jpgCanadian Icon Gordon Lightfoot is playing in Kelowna on October 28 and in Trail on October 31 and Daybreak is giving away a VIP package for each show.

To win, you need to tell us what you would ask Gordon Lightfoot if you got a chance to meet him. If you do win, we want you to ask him that question and report back to us what he said.

If you enter the contest but don't win a VIP package, your name will be placed in a draw for a pair of regular tickets to the show of your choice. We have three pairs to give away for the show in Kelowna and five pairs to give away for the Trail show.

To enter the contest, you can call in your question for Gordon Lightfoot at 1-888-662-6628 or leave us a message by following this link. Remember to tell us which show you want to go to!

Good luck!

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Preparing for Ebola within Interior Health

(courtesy cbc)
The B.C. Nurses' Union is urging the province's health authorities to get ready for the arrival of Ebola.

In a letter to all five B.C. health authorities, the union says nurses and their families are scared and it asks necessary precautions and training be implemented without delay.

Dr. Andrew Larder is the Interior Health Authority's Senior Medical Health Officer.

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Watchdog investigates Slocan police shooting

45 year old Peter DeGroot of Slocan City (courtesy cbc)

Investigators with the Independent Investigations Office of B.C. are looking into a police involved shooting near Slocan City in which 45 year old Peter DeGroot died.

It happened Monday in what's been described as "an interaction" with police.
Police had been looking for DeGroot for five days after he allegedly fired shots at RCMP officers before fleeing into the woods.
Richard Rosenthal is the Independent Investigations Office's Chief Civilian Director.   

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Could low oil prices impact pipeline projects?


Oil prices have fallen more than 20 per cent since the start of summer with the U.S. producing more and China using less.
It all raises questions about future projects, like the Northern Gateway pipeline across northern B.C.

Deborah Yedlin is a business columnist for the Calgary Herald.

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The argument for nuclear power; Kelowna CEO

Fission Uranium CEO Dev Randhawa (courtesy Fission Uranium Corp)

A contrarian view.

One Kelowna CEO says everything you know about energy is wrong.

Dev Randhawa of Fission Uranium is based in Kelowna.

It is a publicly traded company that is exploring for Uranium in northern Saskatchewan.

They've just wrapped up their summer exploration program.

Chris Walker started by asking him what they found.

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