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The Playlist:

The Playlist: True Patriot Love we head for Canada Day, we're putting together the perfect mix to make you feel proud to be Canadian.

We kick things off with a few modern classics.

"True Patriot Love" by the Joel Plaskett Emergency

It doesn't get much more Canadian than learning the words to the Canadian and American national anthems from TV.

"Canadian Girls" by Dean Brody

Smithers-born Dean Brody may have made it big in Nashville, but he wears his love of Canada on his sleeves, as evidenced by this honky-tonk tribute to a girl who knows her Stompin' Tom and toques. 

"Oh Canada" by Classified

If anyone can turn the national anthem into a hip-hop beat, it's Halifax's multi-talented Classified (warning, this song makes a couple of adult references). 

"Weighty Ghost" by Wintersleep

This song was featured prominently in the movie One Week, which featured Joshua Jackson motorcycling across Canada. Say what you will about the plot, the scenery is stunning. Thanks to @DChutter for the suggestion.

"Highway of Heroes" by the Trews

Listener Mike Nichols suggested this one, writing

"I'd like to request the song, "Highway of Heroes", by the Threws, for your Canada Day playlist. This song says so much about we Canadians. When other countries were trying to bring their fallen soldiers home in secret to avoid bad press Canada honoured our fallen.  People came out in all kinds of weather, lining the highway and overpasses, to hold the flag and salute our fallen soldiers. I feel this song says a lot about what it is to be Canadian."

"Fogarty's Cove" by Stan Rogers

The first five tracks on our playlist are from the last ten years.  We go back even further in time to some Canadian classics.  This one comes from Sheila Gosgnach.


"The River" by Joni Mitchell

Known now as a mainstream holiday song, the River has been covered by a multitude of artists, including Sarah Mclachlan.   The song is actually from Mitchell's 1971 album Blue.  Although never released as a single, it became one of her most famous songs.  This request comes courtesy of Joyce Godfrey. 

"Log Driver's Waltz" by Kate and Anna McGarrigle 

Any kid with one channel, growing up in Canada, will remember this National Film Board classic.  One Daybreak listener asked her husband for a patriotic classic.  He suggested this one.  In its traditional glory.  Here it is.

"Running Back to Saskatoon" by the Guess Who

With shout-outs to Moose Jaw, Red Deer, and even Terrace, they don't get much more Canadian than the Guess Who and "Running Back to Saskatoon."  

"Western Skies" by Blue Rodeo

The entire country is pretty great, but here at Daybreak we're partial to the West. So are Blue Rodeo.

"Canada's Really Big"/"Rocks and Trees" by the Arrogant Worms

Listener Zoe Robertson Sikora writes "For the songs that make me proud to be Canadian, how about the Arrogant Worms' song 'Canada's Really Big'?" And since it's such a short time, we added "Rocks and Trees", as well.

"Rest of My Life" by Sloan

Sloan has been exploring pop, punk and power rock for the better part of three decades, and they've built a devoted following around the world all from their home base that they pay tribute to in this song, attesting that one thing they know about the rest of their lives- they're going to spend it in Canada.

"Coast to Coast" by Compadres

A fusion of the folk music of James Keelaghan and the Latin-flavoured music of Oscar Lopez, Compadres is listener Deborah Leonard's pick for songs that make her proud of the country. The title's appropriate, even if it's missing a coast.

"One Great City" by the Weakerthans

Siobhan Crawford writes, " "I would like to suggest (if it hasn't already been) the Weakerthans song 'One Great City!'. It may not seem overly patriotic but it embodies the Canadian tendency towards self-deprecation." We agree.

"Your Rocky Spine" by the Great Lake Swimmers

From their name to their lyrics, this group is inspired by and pays tribute to the geography of Canada.

"Out Past the Timberline" by Murray Mclauchlan

Listener John Howarth says "Out Past the Timberline" is a song that says "what Canada is and what we stand for.'"

"Blow at High Dough" by the Tragically Hip

If any band is quintessentially Canadian, it's the Tragically Hip. Many of their songs document the Canadian experience, but this one was also featured as the theme song to Rick Mercer's sitcom "Made in Canada" so we went with it.

"Life is Like Canadian Football" by the CFL Sessions

The CFL Sessions is a musical project from Henry Adams Svec, who created a series of songs inspired by the Canadian Football League. He says that unlike other professional sports, the players in the CFL seem to do it more for the love of the game than money or fame, and so is emblematic of Canada.