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The Playlist:

Latino-Canadian Playlist

In celebration of El Sistema visiting northern B.C. we sourced our listeners to put together a playlist of Latino-Canadian music. Here are the songs that made the cut.

1. We kicked things off with Amanda Martinez and "Hasta Que Peda."

2. The next track comes from Carla Moffat, who writes:

"Forca" by Nelly Furtado. Not only is it sung by a Canadian Latina, it was featured at the 2004 Euro Cup championships.  And what says Latino culture anymore than the obsession with football?

3. Benita Le Morvan suggested Rumba Calzada of Vancouver,
"I loved dancing to them when I lived there."

We played "Rapid Mambo".

4. Next was a pick from Juan Carlos Lopez who asked for Venezuelan-Canadian Eliana Cuevas and "Luna Llena".

5. Track five came from Ruth Langner, who wrote

"I am requesting any piece from Carlos Bastidas's album Latin Journey.  The title of the album reflects the incredible journey several young Venezuelan musicians have undertaken, to come to Prince George to play with the PGSO."  

We played "Alma."

6. Track six was requested by Jim Caldwell who wanted Diana Krall's "The Boy from Ipanema."  

"The music is sunny and sultry - the perfect jazz rendition."

7. For track seven, Kay Jordan says

"I love latin music and my favorite musician is Alex Cuba from Smithers. Please play one of his many beautiful songs. 'Eres Tu' is a lively one for a sleepy morning.

8. Ron Prochot says Trio Bembe tops his list of Latin Canadian music. Try the track  "Non te Dejes Ganar."

9. Courtesy listener Jo Beattie, a group called Locarno from Vancouver and the song "Candela".

10. And for the final track we present Juno award winning Roberto Lopez Project and "Soy Panamerican."
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