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The Playlist:

The Ultimate Canadian Hip-Hop Playlist

After Block Rocking Beats and Road Trip Songs we are turning our playlist-making attention to homegrown hip-hop. Long maligned, Canadian hip-hop stars now rule the world stage, from the sultry vocals of Drake to the world anthem lyrics of K'Naan to the underground cred of rappers like Cadence Weapon, Buck 65, and Shad. We want to celebrate the old and the new in a slew of Canuck rhymers, and if you have a pick call us at 1-866-340-1932, email or Tweet us @daybreaknorth.

To kick things off, here is a pioneer of the genre who also managed to be the first Canadian rapper to top U.S. charts: Kardinal Offishal and "Bakardi Slang."

  • Track 2: "Zombie Delight" by Buck 65
  • Track 3: "The Way It Should Be" by Plex feat. Wab Kinew and Sarah Podemski

  • Track 4: "My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style" by the Dream Warriors
  • Track 5: "Rhyme the World in 80 Days" by Kish
  • Track 6: "Check the OR" by Organized Rhyme

Track 7: "Crabbuckit" by K-OS
Track 8: "Northern Touch" by Rascals
Track 9: "I play my kazoo" by Grand Analog
Track 10: "Mr Metro" by Devon Martin
Track 11: "Take Care" by Drake

Track 12: "Black Hand" by Cadence Weapon
Track 13: "If this World were Mine" by Snow
Track 14: "Breathe" by Swollen Members
Track 15: "Drop the Needle" by Maestro Fresh Wes
Track 16: "Fire in Freetown" by K'naan
Track 17: "Ya I get it" by Shad

Track 18: "Don't Want To Be Your Slave" by Michie Mee
Track 19:  "Loonie" by Classified feat. Buck 65, D-Sisive, DL Incognito, and Shad