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Daybreak North's Favourite Stories of 2013

As we bring 2013 to a close, the team at Daybreak chose their favourite stories from the past year. In the end we selected a mix personal stories documenting loss, survival, struggle, hope... and an emu. Have a listen, and let us know what your favourite story was, as well.

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Northern Gateway president talks pipeline safety, Kalamazoo and winning over the opposition

Opponents to the Northern Gateway pipeline have vowed to keep fighting the project no matter what decision the federal government ultimately makes.

On Thursday, the Joint Review Panel from the National Energy Board recommended the federal government approve the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project, pending 209 conditions being met.

However, opponents of the project say they will continue to fight with protests, petitions, and court action. They argue the effects of an oil spill would be devastating to B.C.'s coast, environment, and jobs dependent on the ocean.

Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines president John Carruthers says his company is committed to minimizing risks to the environment and putting in place a world-class safety system. He also says Enbridge is constantly improving and learning from incidents such as the pipeline rupture that resulted in 3.3 million litres of oil spilling into Michigan's Kalamazoo River.

Listen to his full interview with Daybreak's Andrew Kurjata.

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Enbridge, Interviews:

Opponents of Northern Gateway prepare to fight with protests and poetry as Joint Review panel makes its recommendations

Grafitti in downtown Prince George captures the tension between opponents and proponents of the Northern Gateway pipeline project. (Betsy Trumpener/CBC)

The Joint Review Panel makes its recommendations on the Northern Gateway pipeline this afternoon.

Former president of the Haida Nation and B.C.'s former chief Treaty Commissioner Miles Richardson believes the recommendations will be in favour of the project, and is preparing for a fight.

"People in the northwest of the province, on the coast, have very serious concerns about the potential effects on their way of life, on the health of their waters, on their lands... They're not gonna just let some panel process whitewash their concerns"

Listen to Betsy Trumpener's full interview with Miles Richardson:

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Carole Brown is one of those opponents. She is a school teacher in Prince Rupert who is fighting Northern Gateway with poetry.

After Enbridge placed poems about the ocean in newspapers, she decided to fire back with some poetry of her own, warning about the risks a pipeline project could pose to oceans.

Daybreak's George Baker went with her as she asked businesses to display the poetry on their doors and windows.

Listen to George Baker's story on Carole Brown's anti-Enbridge poetry:

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