3rd Avenue Chronicles

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3rd Avenue Chronicles:

3rd Avenue Chronicles Part One: A walk down memory lane in Prince George

The 3rd Avenue Chronicles takes us step-by-step through the changes, past and present, on Prince George's and Prince Rupert's 3rd Avenues.

"You walk down the streets and you just hear the voices sharing the different stories of the buildings."

-Darcie Smith, Heritage Project Assistant, Prince George Public Library

Strand 1965 WW Collection.jpg
A bustling 3rd Avenue in Downtown, Prince George, 1965. (Photo courtesy of The Exploration Place)

We start our trip down 3rd Avenue in Prince George. Daybreak's Audrey McKinnon asks people hanging out on 3rd what the street means to them while Heritage Project Assistant Darcie Smith from the Prince George Public Library leads us on a historical walk filled with stories.

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