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Elementary sprinters Dare Andie!!

school1.JPG On this installment of Dare Andie I was out at Riverside's SSIAA (South Shore Interscholastic Athletic Association) Elementary School Track & Field Tournament at Heritage Regional High School in St. Hubert. There were about 300 students from 11 different elementary schools out to run, jump and win ribbons! I raced the top 3 female sprinters, Patricia Prevost, Taylor Hogg and Robin Matthews in a 60 meter sprint. (Mercifully shortened from an 80 meter sprint). Long story short....I lost. Those girls are fast! A great Dare Andie event, the kids were amazing and you have to really commend all the teachers and parents who were out to make the annual track and field event a complete success.


stretch 1.JPGsprint1.JPGMany coaches at the elementary school level give their free time in order to offer these activites to the kids.

Here is the best racing advice ever from sprinter Patricia Prevost:


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All the Harold Napper students agree Isaiah their fastest runner! His advice for me...not as helpful.

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In this feature listeners can 'dare' me to take on challenges, come to community events etc. and I will do the challenge and take some photos and videos that will be posted on our website and Facebook page.