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Spartan Race- 1st Challenge for Dare Andie

The first installement of Dare Andie was a complete success. In this new feature listeners can 'dare' me to take on challenges, come to community events etc. and I will do the challenge and take some photos and videos that will be posted on our website and Facebook page.

Send your ideas for Dare Andie to or my twitter @AndieCBC.

On Sunday I competed in the Spartan Race up at Tremblant. It was such a fun event. 5 kms of running through the mud (at times up to your thigh, I almost lost a shoe!) and some kind of military like obstacle about every 1/2 a kilometre. Here are a few photos of the event and check out our FB page for videos.!/DaybreakMontrealCBC 

Huge thank you to my videographer Marco Campagna who worked almost as hard as I did to document the race!