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Hello Daybreak Listeners! Here is a bit about me!


ANDIE BENNETT_OFFICIAL2.JPGIt's funny the way life works out sometimes. Truthfully I never set out to be a sports reporter but when I look back it's almost as if the path was predestined!

The reporter side really comes as no surprise. My family used to call me scoop when I was younger; a term coined by my dad, given to me as a result of my constant inquisitions into what everyone was up to in the family. My curiosity was basically fueled by my constant feeling of being left out of everything. Not quite old enough to hang out with my sister and older cousins yet too old for the younger kids I compensated by making pretty much everything my business.

As for the sports side I was always more of a do-er than a watcher. Days were spent at the ballpark for softball practice or a game of run-down with friends and nights were spent with some serious games of outdoor hide and seek in our Kirkland neighborhood. My moms whistle out the window would send me running home like a prairie dog. 
Watching sports was more of an excuse to spend time with my dad then any real enjoyment on my part of being trapped inside on a couch instead of being out getting into mischief. I don't know when I started feeling fear, (something that often paralyses me now when I am climbing), but it was certainly not an emotion I knew as a child. Climbing trees became too easy so tried to do it in roller skates, I tried to clear a 20 stair stairway to our basement in one jump and it was hardly worth going anywhere if I could not find a route that involved hoping fences.

As I got older softball really took over  my teens and I would fantasize about being the first woman in MLB. (Yes of course I realize how crazy that is now but at the time I believed this would most definitely happen) Team sports end really abruptly for girls. One day there are just no more teams to join. Sure, a few girls I played with got scholarships to American Universities but unless you are heading to an Olympic team  it is pretty much the end of the line as you approach your late teens. Luckily I had started snowboarding and a new fantasy of being paid to ride the mountains began to take root. I had neither the skill nor the drive and eventually had to accept that being a professional snowboarder was just not in the cards.

Tons of little sports heartbreaks and missing the team atmosphere led me to joining the inaugural rowing crew at Concordia University. 3 of the best years of my life followed, studying communications at Concordia and rowing crew with a group of the most awesome ladies all coming together for 6 am training. When it comes to playing sports I guess it is fair to say I am a Jill of all trades master of none. As hard as that was for my stubborn brain to accept I see now that all these little things led me to where I am today.