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Montreal Irish Dares Andie to play Rugby pt.2!


IMG_8567.JPGNormally I have good hands. I have always been able to catch a ball be it a baseball, softball, football whiffle ball (don't ask...) but what I realized playing with the Montreal Irish this weekend is that having good hands with opponents running at you is not quite as easy.  This, sadly, was the final Dare Andie of the summer and what a way to go out! Unfortunately due to timing on Saturday I was only able to play the first half of the game at the Montreal Irish Annual Labour Day Tournament. As you can see by the photos however I made the most of my time! (Photos: Neale McDevitt MIRC)

 The game has a lot more stops and starts than I was expecting but wow when things start rolling it is absolute mayhem as these girls try to get the ball moved up the field.  I have to thank the coaches and players on the sidelines constantly shouting and telling me when to run when to 'go get that ball Andie RUN!!' because it is a bizarre feeling to be on a field with a team and quick moving action when you truly have no idea where you are supposed to be.
All told, I didn't really get a chance to carry the ball (the one pass that came to me I panicked and fumbled) so no receiving a tackle but it kind of scares me a bit how much I enjoyed taking girls down.

Check out for more rugby info and if you want to follow the mens team that is at the top of their division and about to get the post season under way!