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Mountain Biking at Bromont for Dare Andie!

MB2.jpgThis weeks Dare Andie actually involved personal demon of mine. On my last attempt to go mountain biking, easily 10 years ago, I went over my handle-bars head first and vowed never to return to the mountain on a bike. This time I went with an experienced biker who brought me a fabulous Specialized mountain bike to ride and rode under the tutelage of Jeff Silas, founder and coach at Dirt Camp. Here are the best tips: Don't brake in a panicked state. Look up far ahead of you on the trail NOT down in front of your bike. Trust what your bike can do.

(Photo: Jeff Silas Dirt Camp) 

DSC04162.JPGWe decided that this butterfly landing on my bike before our first run was a good omen and would keep us safe!

(Photo: Andie Bennett CBC Montreal)

DSC04157.JPGJeff Silas from Dirt Camp getting us comfortable on the bike before tackling some serious rocky, root-ey terrain.

(Photo: Andie Bennett CBC Montreal)