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The CIBC 401 Bike Challenge

35983_428398298671_506493671_4728548_1828662_n.jpgI am currently in training for my second endurance ride with the CIBC 401 Bike Challenge. The ride goes August 10-12 and departs from the SickKids hospital in Toronto arriving at the Montreal Childrens hospital a mere 2.5 days later. The proceeds from the ride go to benefit children battling cancer at these hospitals.  The 576 km ride is broken up as follows: Day 1: 188 kms Day 2: 255 kms (yikes!) and Day 3: 133kms.


I was asked last year if I wanted to take part in this ride and before I  knew what I was in for, I had agreed and was being fitted on my very first road bike by the good folks at Martin Swiss. The reason I did not take much convincing is, like a lot of people, I have felt the effects of cancer on my family. A few years ago we lost my uncle to brain cancer, a death that was swift and caught us all by surprise. My cousin meanwhile is a survivor celebrating 8 healthy years post cancer this summer. Since his recovery he has become deeply involved in cycling and Cancer awareness. I thought if I joined this ride it would be a move of solidarity and show him how important he was to me and how proud I was that he fought his battle and won. Little did I know what a positive effect it would have on my life as well. I have since fallen in love with road cycling and look forward to another chance this year to most importantly raise some money but also delve into another training schedule that has whipped my reporter's body into shape!

My training this year is going well despite the fact that I often feel like I need to bike more. Organisers of the ride recommend that you get about 3000 kms under your belt over the summer to be ready for the challenge. I am not sure where I am regarding hitting that number but on average I try to get in a few 30-40 km rides during the week and hammer an 80-100km ride on the weekends.

I will be tracking my progress by blogging here as well as giving some periodic updates on twitter. Please feel free to go to my fundraising page and read more about why this is important to me and hopefully donate!