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About the Show

If it happens in Montreal, listeners hear about it on Daybreak. Interviews with the headline-makers, discussions of the day's hot topics and newscasts on the half-hour continue to make Daybreak the city's foremost source of substantial, thought-provoking morning radio.
Meet the team:

Julie Chamberland - Studio Director

Julie C .JPGJulie wasn't a morning person before she started studio directing Daybreak. Now she can't imagine being anywhere else at 5:30 in the morning. Julie was born in Montreal but spent her childhood in Ontario and Europe. She came back to Montreal and earned a degree in political science from McGill University. She started work at the CBC as a researcher, then as a producer and now she's Daybreak's studio director. When she's not working, Julie enjoys spending time with her kids and catching up on her sleep.

Frank Cavallaro - Weather Specialist

Snowbrush & Umbrella Photo grey suit March 2009.jpgFrank is a Montreal native who has been forecasting since the late 1980s. He is a member of CMOS, the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society---and he was voted The World's Top Weather Presenter at the International Weather Festival in Paris in 2002.Frank is a sharp dressed man but on weekends he dresses down by wearing jeans and casual shirts. He also loves to exercise----his dog Bono takes him for a walk numerous times a day rain or shine!
Shawn Apel - Writer-Broadcaster

SHAWN.JPGShawn has been working as a journalist for so long, he remembers when the first iPhone came out. He has covered municipal, provincial and federal politics - and loves covering stories about ordinary Montrealers in extraordinary situations. He has two children, one dog, and one wife.
Jeanette Kelly--Arts Reporter

Jeanette.JPGJeanette was born and raised in London, Ontario. She studied french language and literature at Western, then got her masters in Quebec Literature at Laval University.
She was host of Breakaway in Quebec City, and Radio Active--a national music show.
Jeanette loves Quebec fashion, food, music and theatre. She's the mother of three grown daughters. One day Jeanette hopes to play piano at a jazz bar, and wonders about buying a plot of land and trying to grow her own food.

Andie Bennett - Sports Reporter

Andie.JPGAndie Bennett grew up in the West Island.She spent most days on the baseball diamond with the  Beaconsfield Kirkland Girls Softball team. Sports was always a big part of her life, and after getting her Communications degree at Concordia, Andie joined an all sports radio station. She is now part of the sports unit at CBC with Douglas Gelevan--and reports for CBC TV as well. Hobbies include, snowboarding, climbing, and reading.

Douglas Gelevan - Sports Reporter

Doug photo.JPG
Doug first stepped behind a microphone when he was a student in Sackville, New Brunswick. After graduation Doug moved to Japan where he co-hosted a weekly show called "The World as One". The show was recognized with an International Ambassadorship Award in 2006. When back in Canada, Doug earned a degree in Journalism, with distinction, from the University of King's College. He joined CBC Montreal in 2010. Today, Doug covers sports for Daybreak, and  anchors the sportscast on CBC NEWS at 5. On a personal note, Doug loves football and thinks he was a 'pretty decent player back-in-the-day'.
David Blair - Business Reporter

David B.JPGDavid is CBC Radio's national morning business reporter.  Based in Montreal, he has spent years covering the major business and economic issues affecting Quebecers. In his spare time he loves playing tennis and cycling. In fact he cycles to work every morning. As part of the Daybreak team, he brings you up-to-the-minute coverage of the morning's breaking stories, and a look at how the day is unfolding on the world's stock markets.

Jennifer Allen -Traffic Reporter

Jen .JPGBorn and raised in Montreal, Jennifer Allen got behind the wheel as the CBC Daybreak traffic reporter in 2011. Prior to that she worked as a traffic reporter on other area stations since 1995. Growing up Jenn was always told that she had a great broadcasting voice.She has always loved radio, and got her degree in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson University in Toronto.
You can always reach Jenn at the traffic desk at *3CBC (*3222) or 514-597-7840.

Claudia Sanchez - Technician

sanchez.JPGWhen Claudia was a kid, she loved taking things apart because she was curious about how stuff worked. She always dreamed of working in radio---but from behind the scenes. At 18, she got her DEC in electronics. She started working at CBC a year later. After 22 years at the CBC, she's worked with the archive section, master control, the Cree section, and the french newsroom. Now she's loving being part of the Daybreak team!