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Episode 68- Nuclear Mob


  • Tepco and the Yakuza
  • KONY 2012
  • P.J. O'Rourke on Romney
  • Campaign Rock
  • China's Death Row TV
  • Chechnya Goes for Putin
  • Iran's "Pure" Internet
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Grant Oyston On Invisible Children and Kony 2012

kony.jpg"Kony 2012" is the activist documentary that went viral this week, recieving more than 50 million views within five days. It was released by a group called Invisible Children to raise awareness about Joseph Kony, a Ugandan warlord accused of kidnapping children over the past 25 years for his personal militia.  

As swift as its rise, came the criticisms. Some argued that the message was simplistic, and support for the Ugandan army is misguided. 

One of the first people to question the campaign was a student from Acadia University in Nova Scotia who posted a blog with a series of links to expert critiques. Grant Oyston's tumblr post also went viral, receiving more than 2.2 million hits by Friday. Brent spoke to the 19-year-old about his concerns and about the pros and cons of viral activism.
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You can see Grant Oyston's Visible Children blog here and Invisible Children's response here.

And if you still haven't seen "Kony 2012,", here it is:

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Ultimate Tazer Ball. Yes. Ultimate Tazer Ball.

There's a video making the rounds on the web this week that looks almost too crazy to be true. The video shows a bunch of men running around a soccer field, carrying a giant soccer ball across a goal line.

Oh, and everyone on the field has a stun gun.

That's right.  A ball game played with tasers.

The Ultimate Tazer Ball is Leif Kellenberger's idea.  He's busy planning n exhibition match set for Bangkok, Thailand in March.

And there's a Canadian connection... one of the four registered teams (this really is a brand new initiative) is from Ontario.

We'll speak with a Canadian player and with Leif Kellenberger on this Saturday's show.  Tune in for that shocking conversation!  (sorry... had to say that).

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