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UPDATE: Iran Court Orders New Trial in Spy Case

Iran's Supreme Court has ordered a new trial for a former American Marine sentenced to death in January.

Amir Mirzaei Hekmati had been convicted for allegedly being a CIA spy.

Among the more curious allegations was the suggestion Hekmati had worked for Kuma Games, a New York City based video game company.  Iran says he was producing propaganda for the American military there.

When Hekmati's connection to Kuma Games was first reported, Day 6 producer Dominic Girard explored the idea of video games a propaganda in a Day 6 documentary.  Here once again is that story, called Propaganda Games, in case you missed it the first time around.

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Startups at Sea

blueseed.jpgGetting a work visa for the United States can be a long, complicated process. And with the speed things move in the tech world, there's no time to wait. That's why some Silicon Valley entrepreneurs have a solution to cut through all the red tape. 

They call it Blueseed.  They propose anchoring a luxury cruise ship twelve miles off the coast of San Francisco. That would put it outside US legal jurisdiction, so foreign-born technology innovators could live, play, and work on their possibly billion-dollar ideas.

Max Marty, CEO of Blueseed, shares with Brent his vision for the offshore incubator.
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Google Privacy Policy Explained

google.jpgWhen Google was just a little-known start-up in Silicon Valley, it's motto was "Don't be evil."

Now that it's a ginormous presence on the internet with a controversial new privacy policy, many wonder if the motto has been forgotten.

But what are the changes to the privacy policy that have people on and offline in such an uproar.

Find out in this Day 6 Explainer with Rainey Reitman from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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