Episode 4: Cameron in Alberta, Reality TV Turns Deadly, Ecuador Ransoms Amazon and How to Run a Brothel

red light publish.jpgThree sex workers in Ontario had a very good week. They challenged Canadian prostitution laws in court and won their case. It could mean lots will change in the business of selling sex. But it doesn't look like the various governments are ready for a more liberal and regulated sex industry, because they say they're going to appeal. There are juridsicitons in the U.S. that have a safe, profitable and legal sex industry. A brothel manager shows us how it's done on Day 6.

Also: Is Fort McMurray an avatar of Avatar? James Cameron makes a closely watched visit to the oil patch. Ecuador makes the U.N. an offer they can't refuse, Micah Toub reviews Buried from a Jungian perspective. Jonathan Safran Foer on eating meat,  the sad reality of reality tv and we hear some of the songs that saved your life.  

And  grocery shopping with the minimalist: Mark Bittman says you don't have to go to the farmer's market to eat well. So we do the supermarket thing...like everybody else on Saturday. Eat your Wheaties and enjoy.

(photo: Quinn Norton)  

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