Death of RIM? Vote now!

underwaterRIM.jpgAre you reading this on a home computer? An Apple device? An Android device?

Or... gulp... a Blackberry?

Day 6 launched on Saturday.  Hope you didn't miss it... (but click here to catch up).

Along with our season two debut, we premiered our new series, Deep Sixed.
Over the next few weeks, you'll be introduced to points of view predicting the eath or disappearance of products, political movements, cultural trends, currencies and music.

On Saturday, John Biggs of TechCrunch argued against the survival of Blackberry maker Research in Motion.

Head over to the Deep Sixed page and listen to John's segment.  Then, vote for whether you think he's spot on... or typing up the wrong tree.

As of Monday afternoon... a majority of listeners seemed to disagree.  One email suggested that:
"some of us by the way choose blackberries for the power they provide as a communications workhorse and not as a portable gameboy." -Tim Runge

Others think there'll always be room in the marketplace for a "serious" phone:

"The tactile keyboard of the Blackberry IS the key advantage of the Blackberry phone, not to mention better security and a solid company that stands behind its products.  While less serious users will always flock to the trendy items, if you are a serious mobile user you need a serious tactile interface device." - John Stonier

But what about the children?  Won't anyone think of [what] the children [think]?

I took my 19 year-old daughter into the phone store last week, to upgrade her BB and she did not even entertain the thought of switching. Even more telling, is my 15 year- old son's contract is up on his iPhone 3G and he wants a BB now. He does not want another Apple, ever.  -Gary Ridsdale

What do you think?  Vote if you haven't already.  Hit the comments section, and join us on Facebook and Twitter and sound off.  We'll announce the results on our next show, as the Deep Sixed series tackles a new target.

(photograph background credit:  Felipe Skroski)
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