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BLOG 6: Doc in Pakistan

Wasel for promote.jpg(Dr. Wasel Kabir is a Canadian physician who is volunteering to help Pakistanis affected by the floods. It is the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Dr. Kabir is blogging exclusively for Day 6.)

Day 6:   Good Men (September 7)

The Day began like always.

Up at 6:00 am and depart by 7:30 am, a new site each day. Today we would be venturing quite far but first a quick pit stop to the dispensary to retrieve our newly purchased pharmaceuticals and supplies.

This is a great bunch of guys. I am so fortunate to be able to work with them. This situation has bonded us together to the extent that we are not just colleagues but friends, brothers even.

When we get down to work, we really work. You should see these guys go. Their knowledge base, skill, work ethic, dedication, heart and personality are outstanding. Canada is well represented and I am not just saying that because this blog is obviously being read by billions of people...

It's not all work for us. We play hard too. We joke all the time, constantly actually, except of course when we are working. It is a respectful relationship based on understanding and knowing not to take things personally.

We ridicule each other on subjects like medical specialties (a standard target amongst all physicians), choice of clothing (like how I am always decked out in Oakley gear), to relationships and past experiences. We are good boys, if I do say so myself. We have not argued nor clashed over anything. I know that controversy and dirt make for an interesting read but trust when I tell you there isn't any dirt to be dished.

We, of course maintain a respectful disposition to others and their condition. I don't want anyone to think that we joke like a stereotypical pack of wolves. I mean we have our fun laughing pretty much all the time when we are not engrossed in intellectual discussions or strategizing to improve our efforts.

As we neared the site, the view of the extensive physical damage caused by the floods, clearly came into focus. There was a meter and a half waterline on the walls of abandoned buildings marking the level the water once stood at. Crops were washed away, houses broken and empty. 

We drove to a village that had openly welcomed and sheltered the displaced. And now they welcomed us, with literally everything they could short of a red carpet. They were more concerned about our comfort rather than their own!

We treated over 500 patients.

It became one our little rituals to distribute candy and treats to the kids, before leaving a site. They are cute little people.

Speaking of treats, I got my wallet back. It magically reappeared sans money but had all my cards. Looks like I will be Canada bound after all.

(corrections made on September 20)

LINK:  Islamic Relief Canada
DONATE: CBC Pakistan Relief