COMMENT: The Lesbian Bechdel Test

headshotglasses.jpgDay 6 took last week's Best Picture nomiations for the Academy Award and put them through the Bechdel Test.

Heard of it?

The Bechdel Test for movies originated in a 1985 comic strip called "The Rule" by cartoonist Alison Bechdel, in her lauded series, Dykes to Watch Out For.

One of the characters says a movie must pass three simple requirements for her to watch it.

1.  There must be at least two women in it;
2.  Who talk to each other;
3.  About something other than a man.

You'd be surprised how many movies don't pass The Bechdel Test.  But it got Day 6 contributor Zoe Whittall thinking... if strong female roles are hard to find in Hollywood, they're way ahead of strong lesbian roles.

In order to pass Zoe's Lesbian Bechdel Test, a movie would have to:

1. express desire for another girl;
2. not go immediately crazy;
3. not kill or horribly maim themselves or someone else.

So how would Hollywood rate?  Here's Zoe:

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