Commentary: Ezra Levant on Ethical Oil

Levant, Levant is pretty well known for staking controversial opinions. And he certainly did that on our show this week.

He wrote and delivered an opinion piece that summarized the thesis of his new book "Ethical Oil, The Case For Canada's Oil Sands." Angry? Furious? Don't care?

If you missed it read the piece and comment below...
I have decided to take Greenpeace's advice, and shut down Canada's oil sands. Well, I can't shut them down myself. But I can act like they're shut down. I'm going to boycott any oil coming from the oil sands.

I haven't felt this holy since my bar mitzvah.

But there's just one problem with my new Green Party lifestyle. I've got to fill up my gas tank soon and I don't know what to put in it. If I'm not using Canadian oil, that means I've got to buy it from somewhere else. Because until cold fusion is perfected, I and a lot of other people still have to get to work somehow. You can't really use a bike in a Canadian winter.

So where should I buy my oil, if not from Canada's oil sands? The country with the most oil is Saudi Arabia. But they're not more ethical than we are. They treat women worse than camels. They use oil profits to subsidize terrorism. They're a brutal dictatorship. I guess there's always oil from Iran. But they're a fascist country, too. And they're using their oil profits to build a nuclear bomb. They execute gays, and they stone women to death for being accused of adultery.

Surely this can't be what Greenpeace wants me to do! Nigeria's oil profits are stolen by government officials while their citizens live in squalor.

Venezuela's oil money is pocketed by Hugo Chavez, who is shutting down opposition newspapers and busting up labour unions. Russia's oil finances their military and their new secret police. Sudan uses its oil money to buy weapons from China, to kill people in Darfur.

Hang on. I think I know why Greenpeace bashes, slanders, trespasses and vandalizes Canada's oil sands, but doesn't even have a press conference in these other countries. Greenpeace is afraid of them.

You know, the oil sands aren't perfect. But they're ethically superior to any other source of oil in the world. And the fact that Greenpeace is scared for their lives to have a protest in Saudi Arabia or Iran sort of proves that point - doesn't it?
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