Day 6 Campaign Cocktail: First Past The Post Punch

campaign cocktails.jpg(original photo credit: Cameron Russell)

This is it, folks.  Last call for the election, last call for the Day 6 campaign cocktails.  Our final cocktail is inspired by Jen Pennock, from Ottawa, who sent us this email:

"I have been faithfully listening along to the 'election cocktails' segment of the show and think that these drinks are fabulous for the average voter, who, depressed and despondent about election antics, might be drinking alone. But what if you are serving a crowd?! I am having some fellow voters over on May 2nd to watch the CBC election coverage, and was wondering if your bartender extraodinaire had a drink idea that might help get a group through the night."

Jen's idea was for some kind of punch.  So, a toast to you, Jen, and to all of you who plan on voting Monday.  Here's Day 6 Cocktail Correspondent Dominic Girard, and Toronto Temperance Society bartender Oliver Stern, with cocktail number 6.

Oliver Stern is the general manager and bartender of the Toronto Temperance Society.  A big thank you to him and the bar for helping us throughout this series.

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How about a how-to video?

Campaign Cocktail: First Past The Post Punch

10oz Orange juice
5 oz Lemon juice
5 oz Lime juice
5 oz Grapefruit juice
5 oz Grenadine syrup
5 oz Pineapple syrup

7 oz Jack Daniels
7 oz Brandy
7 oz Spiced rum

fruit wheels (sliced lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit)

In a medium-sized punch bowl, combine the juice, syrup, and booze.  Add ice and stir to chill. Throw in some fruit wheels. 

About the booze:  like democracy, this punch depends on you to make it work.  If you're a true blue conservative, consider adding only Rum.  Or maybe an all-brandy Iggy punch is more your flavour... it's up to you.

Serves 10 registered voters.

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AND: Check out the Toronto Temperance Society.

Now... go vote... like you drink: responsibly and without regret.

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