Day 6 Campaign Cocktail: Rally Rejector

campaign cocktails.jpgMaybe this week it's the Conservative Party communications team that could use a drink. Controversy dogged the Tory campaign, as a number of Canadians stepped forward with odd stories of being turned away or ejected from Conservative rallies in various parts of the country.

At least eight people shared their story this week, including Joanna McDonald, Izzy Hirji and Awish Aslam, a trio of university students who were all singled out and denied access to the events. 

On Thursday, the Prime Minister offered an apology. But if it's leaving the PM with a sour taste in his mouth, a Campaign Cocktail will take surely off the edge.

CBC Day 6 Campaign Cocktails: Rally Rejector

As always, we tasked Toronto Temperance Society bartender Oliver Stern with creating a cocktail inspired by this week's campaign trail.

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Want to see Oliver make this drink? Here's the how-to video. The recipe is printed below.

Day 6 Campaign Cocktail: Rally Rejector *in honour of three students who had a hard time attending Conservative rallies this week, our drink uses three ingredients that have been hard to find in Canada. Feel free to substitute if you want to experiment. 

1 part          Yellow Chartreuse

1 part          Luxardo Maraschino Originale

1 part          Sazerac Rye (or other straight rye whisky)

1 part          Lime juice

Combine all ingredients in shaker glass. Add ice and shake 10-15 seconds. Double strain into a cocktail glass, or into shot glasses. 

Pre-register the cocktail with your taste buds, then proceed to allow it into your liver.

Do not drink so many Rally Rejectors that you actually physically begin to reject them. Drink like you vote: responsibly and without regret.

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And don't forget, let us know if you try the cocktail, and what you think. Or share your own Campaign Cocktail suggestions. Remember , base them on what you're seeing and hearing on the campaign trail!

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