The Breakfast Myth

caf-publish.jpgWhich of the following statements best describes you?

#1 I am an early morning person.

#2 I enjoy early mornings once I am awake and oriented.

#3 I am horribly addicted to caffeine.

For me it's certainly number 3, but having owned up to that, as long as I am suitably caffeinated I can be cool with #1 and #2 as well. However if you deprive me of my fix all bets are off.

My ideal breakfast is something like:

2 hits of espresso

1 banana

2 hits of espresso

Maybe just to shake it up I'll have an additional 2 hits of espresso.

Thumbnail image for hulk_publish.jpgBut here's the thing: after that I'm ready for anything!  For some reason, after breakfast I'm so full of energy if I don't get out of the house I'll start doing odd and pointless things like ripping up the kitchen tiles or chewing  through my own cheek. So that's when I usually grab my gym bag and go for a work out.

And I was very interested when The New York Times published this piece last week. (It had been on the top ten emailed articles list until it was replaced by How Not to Ruin your Non-Stick Cookware.)

The conclusion: Exercising on an empty stomach makes you more efficent at processing glucose and keeps your weight down. Not only that, it makes you into a fat burning machine!

Now please note the authors state training on an empty stomach probably won't enhance your performance. But I have the answer to that: it's my little friend caffeine.

Look, I'm not recommending my routine to anyone else. I'm confessing to something akin to an addiction here. And following my workouts I usually do load up on protein and a few carbs. But coffee aside (not too far aside, please!) it does appear that a healthy breakfast might not be the healthiest way to approach exercise and fitness.

What do you think? Feel free to disagree! Tell me about your routine and what you think of the import of breakfast. Maybe we can discuss it... over a nice espresso!


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