GIVEAWAY: 2D Glasses for 3D Movies

3d.jpgAbout 10% of movie-going audiences hate 3D films.  It gives them headaches.  And for these unlucky few, terrible effects and incomprehensible plots aren't the primary reasons for the nausea.

So Hank Green had an idea... would it be possible to build glasses that removes the 3D effect from movies so that 10% would chose to bring their butts to the theatre?

With Thor opening in 3D this weekend, we tracked Hank down to ask him why and how he came up with this idea.

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You can check out Hank Green's 2D glasses on his website.


Intrigued by Hank's idea?  Do you get sick at 3D flicks?  We have FIVE PAIRS of Hank Green's 2D glasses to give away.  If you want a pair, do one of the 3D following:

-Post your thoughts about 3D technology and/or 2D glasses on our Facebook page; or

-Share your discovery of Day 6 and 2D glasses on Twitter (mention @CBCday6); or

-Email us your point of view at:

We'll lump you all together and draw five winners at random.


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