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  • Thumbnail image for iran-flag_publish.jpgIran's Odd Plot
  • "Drive" Me to the Courthouse
  • Deep Sixed: The Liberals
  • Bank Transfer Day
  • "Should I Read It?"
  • Conficker Awaits Orders
  • Lisa Raitt's Next Target
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spy-vs-spy_publish.jpgUnlikely Caper

The Iranian assassination plot uncovered in Washington this week has all the elements of a sensational B movie.

-A used car salesman code named "Scarface"

-A phony Mexican drug cartel hitman.

-A bomb in a restaurant and  a dead ambassador.


The one thing missing is logic.

Critics say the story doesn't make sense. What's the upside to Iran assassinating the Saudi ambassador? Why would they contract the hit out to a Mexican drug cartel? Where did the used car salesman get the money he allegedly used to pay for the assassination?

Our guest believes it's not entirely possible to know what's going on in the upper echelons of Iranian power but that doesn't make any of the bizarre tale of accused Iranian-American conspirator Manssor Arbabsiar logical or transparent.

drive_publish.jpg"Drive" Her Crazy

A Michigan woman went to see Ryan Gosling in the movie Drive and now she's suing the studio because the trailer was way more fun than the movie. She was apparently expecting a Vin Diesel-like vehicle and not the existential art film Drive resembles.

But haven't we all been mislead by movie trailers?

The truth is there's about 15 plots in all of Hollywood but only 5 different kinds of trailers. That's why a great art house movie like Cries and Whispers will be cut into a trailer that looks like a film by the Farrelly brothers.

Nathan Rabin of the Onion AV Club walks us through it.

tick tock_publish.jpgLosing Traction

Did you see what Chantal Hébert wrote about the Liberal party this week? Under the headline Have the Liberals Reached the Point of No Return? this is what Hébert shared with her readers:

Notwithstanding the party's victories in Ontario and Prince Edward Island, the decline of the Liberal brand in Canada has continued unabated this fall.

With only one provincial election left to go in 2011, the NDP is closer to its goal of overtaking the Liberals as Canada's dominant progressive party than the latter's two recent provincial victories make it appear.


On our final installment of Deep Sixed, the series that wonders if things familiar to us are edging toward extinction, we take a look at the Liberal Party. Jim Armour and Warren Kinsella man the barricades.

fawkes_publish.jpgGuy Fawkes Would've Loved This.

November 5th is Guy Fawkes Day and that's the day Kristen Christian intends to stick it to her bank.

She's declared her intention to withdraw all of her money from her big box bank on or before that date and she's telling others to do the same. The idea is to siphon off just a little piece of the bank's power and capitol and reinvest it in something local and progressive.

Kristen is tired of the poor service and indifference to clients that's become her bank's specialty. She doesn't like the new charges the banks are laying on. And she's betting on the anti-corporate mood on the rise in the U.S. to help her movement take off.

eugenedies_publish.jpgShould I Read It?

Jeffrey Eugenides is a one novel per decade kind of writer. His first two books, The Virgin Suicides and Middlesex were not only huge best sellers, they have a hardcore, almost cult-like following. So the 9 year wait for his latest novel The Marriage Plot has been hard on his devoted fans.

Our columnist Becky Toyne is one of them. She remembers meeting Eugenides and being awkward and tonge-tied in his presence. She's probably going to absolutely love The Marriage Plot, right?

Don't be so sure.

worm_publish.jpgThe Worm Turns

The Conficker worm started infecting computers worldwide in November, 2008. Worms, once they find a place on your hard drive, start communicating with other infected computers to form a zombie army of processing power, usually looking to do no good.

Most worms are easily controlled by antivirus software but not this one. It's been so ingeniously designed it appears to anticipate the moves made to fight it. The best minds in software security have had a go at it to no avail.

Today, the Conficker army is one powerful bot net. If mobilized all at once it could do untold damage to the internet.

Mark Bowden has written a book about the code and it's like Day of the Jackal: a relentless pursuit of a shadowy, elusive target. Except at the end of Mark's book, Worm: The First Digital World War, the target is still very much alive. He joins us to talk about it.

raitt_publish.jpgFeel Like Taking a Little Collective Bargaining Action?

Lisa Raitt may have something to say about that. The Honourable Minister of Labour in the federal cabinet used some fast footwork to block Air Canada's flight attendants from the picket lines this week. It's not the first time she's stood up to Air Canada's unions. Postal workers also had their industrial relations thwarted by her office.

She's been casting a long shadow over high profile labour disputes in the country.

How do you think Lisa Raitt decides when it's time to offer her services to the companies at the bargaining table? We listen in to a phone call to her boss.

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