Episode 44 - Retro Feminism


  • Feminism on Retro TV
  • Neuroscience in the Courtroom
  • Deep Sixed: Rock 'n Roll
  • Libya's Oil and the Future
  • Saturation in the Middle East
  • Cheney in Cowtown
  • Upside of a Depression

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playboy_publish.jpgPrime-time Feminism

TV unveiled 2 shiny new shows this month, dramas that take a cue from Mad Men and reach back half a century to a different, not-so-innocent time. The thing that's got people talking about Pan Am and The Playboy Club is the focus on women at a time when women's roles were beginning to change.

It's probably not going to make a difference to contemporary feminism that two new retro melodramas are turning their TV eyes on these particular professions. Some, in fact, are arguing the shows are retrograde and tawdry.

But the women who actually did this work in that time see themselves as part of something that was new and affirming. They're proud of their contributions and they loved their jobs. We'll meet two of these remarkable women today.

brainblue_publish.jpgJustice and the Brain

Neuroscience is not the shiny sharp tool we hope it one day will be. But that doesn't stop David Eagleman from imagining it. He's a professor of neuroscience and author and in his latest book Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain, David Eagleman says it's time for the courts to start thinking about the structure of the criminal brain.

He says there's lots of evidence we will be able to use neuroscience to predict the kind of treatment or sentence an offender should be given, who will re-offend and who is likely to rehabilitate.

It's radical because it cuts against the concept of free will and equality before the law. But David says it's the best option for the justice system of the future.

keef_publish.jpgHey Hey, My My...

Rock and roll is really old.

This week REM, one of the most successful bands of the 80s and 90s, called it quits. There are still some older dinosaurs out there stalking the stadium stages, but they are literally not getting any younger. Among the top 20 stadium rock bands, not one is made up of members in their 20s. None.


So this week on Deep Sixed, the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's Nevermind, we're asking you, and a couple of other people with a stake in the game, if rock has one foot on a banana peel and the other on a roller skate. Vote on it here.

crunch_libya.jpgCrunch Time for Libya

Libya is one of the great oil producing nations of the world - the second largest reserves in Africa, 9th biggest producer globally - and now she finds herself at a crossroads.

My guest says conflict states have an enormous opportunity in terms of how much corruption or transparency will be attached to their energy resources.  Choosing transparency ultimately ensures the emergence of a more stable state and a more equitable sharing of the resources.

Oil companies understand this and are willing to go as far as to publish their contracts with the producers, all in the name of stability. He's off to Tripoli to see how things are going as the NTC rebuilds the country.

Abbas_publish.jpgPalestinians Make Their Bid

Another chapter played out in the Israel-Palestinian conflict this week, though the outcome did not bring about major change. This time the setting was the UN and Mahmoud Abbas' bid for statehood recognition.

Another week, thousands of stories and media reports. Still entrenched.

We decided to ask Canadian journalist Patrick Martin, a writer with The Globe and Mail if his readers ever get impatient with the resources and column inches that go into reporting on a story with so many dead ends. It's not as though there's no conflict in the rest of the world.

Patrick explains our fascination with the tiny strip of land that has no easy answers.

depression_publish.jpgDepressions are Depressing

Remember the fragile recovery? Looks like we broke it.

Markets this week were brutal the world over, Europe's falling apart, the Canadian dollar took a nose dive. In the U.S. they can't even talk about fiscal stuff, they're so tied up in partisan end-runs. Financially, this could be the end times.

Mike Balazo says: don't worry. All is not lost. The last great depression produced some great fashion, music and camaraderie. This time will be even better since we can share it all with each other on our iPhone 4s.

cheney_darth_publlish.jpgHail, Prince of Darkness!

He's coming to Canada.

Dick Cheney ruminates about his imminent trip to Calgary on our show this week. Lots of people are exercised about the bionic man visiting Soviet Canuckistan, even though he's hardly the first draft dodger to blight our border.

I say: Just be cool, don't make any sudden movements and whatever you do, don't tell him about our weapons of mass destruction.

Also I might advise you to lock up your shotgun, but I don't want him to think we got some kind of pinko gun laws in this land.

Even though we do.

Have a great weekend. See you in October.

Brent Bambury @CBCDay6

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