Episode 42 - Day 6 Round 2

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  • Deep Sixed - RIM
  • Norm MacDonald
  • Binge Drinking on Campus
  • Conrad Black Scared Straight
  • Remixing Gail Asper
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Resized Deep Sixed Blog Image.jpgIt's our second season here at Day 6.
And we're celebrating, so it's like New Year's Eve without the partying. But we do have a great show to kick things off, we have a new series, Deep Sixed, and we're really excited about the stuff coming up this fall and through the year ahead.
So tell your friends, and don't be afraid to engage with us on social media. I hope all our shows in the weeks ahead give each of us something to think about, to argue over and share insights.
impact_publish.jpgTomorrow is the 10th anniversary of the attacks of September 11th.
I was struck this week by all the writers and thinkers who supported the resulting push for a war in Iraq and how many of them (not all) regretted their call to invade.
The Wall Street Journal walked back their editorial decision to support the war, as did Fareed Zakaria, Bill Keller, Andrew Sullivan and others.
lapham_publish.jpgOne voice who never supported the war and was critical of monolithic reaction in the wake of the attacks was Lewis Lapham.
At the time, as editor of Harper's magazine, he was subjected to blistering attacks for his criticism.
Lewis Lapham talks to us about his position 10 years later and whether America is stronger for her war on terror.
Thumbnail image for oniongrab_publish.jpgHow do you satirize a tragedy?
That was the question facing comedy writers and satirists in the wake of the September 11 attacks. But over at The Onion the editorial board was observing the way the shock and disbelief paralysed their staff.
They decided, wisely as it turned out, that their best path editorially was to gently satirize the universal numbness that had settled on New Yorkers and everyone else.
The result (although they'd probably hate hearing this) is something very rare: a piece of satire that moves and inspires. Satire with soul. We revisit The Onion's finest hour.
RIM_publish.jpgDeep Sixed.
We start this season with a new series on Day 6, looking at things that are ending their usefullness and beginning their obsolescence. Remember rotary dial phones? Neither do I. But other technologies are teetering on the edge of the same memory hole.
Ditto currencies, organizations and social conventions. Some of these things we imagined would be around forever.
We launch Deep Sixed with a phone that less than 10 years ago was seen as the apex of new technologies and a status symbol for the ascendant and powerful. We're Deep Sixing RIM and the Blackberry. But if you disagree, don't be afraid to let us know. Go here to start things off with your vote.  
binge_publish.jpgDead drunk.
A fatality at a Canadian university seems to be connected to binge drinking. Public drunkeness in North America is not generally socially acceptable unless you're in college. Then it's almost mandatory.
In fact, social dynamics on campus and in university towns reinforce getting wasted and that's probably never going to stop. We talk to an expert.
norm_publish.jpgNorm MacDonald has a great deadpan.
The Canadian standup and brother to CBC News' Neal MacDonald has a knack for being charming even with the darkest material. Have you seen the episode where he plays Death in Family Guy?
Plus Norm's a huge hockey fan. And he gives good tweet. Follow him @Normmacdonald.

 We chat with Norm about the things he says that make people think he's an idiot. (He's not!)
black_publish.jpgConrad Black is once again in prison in Florida.
The media mogul, author, gazillionaire and former Canadian citizen is always fascinating to listen to and we have him in an exclusive essay about how prison changes a man of such station and distinction.
OK, we got some help from This Hour Has 22 Minute's Mark Critch.
But it's still vintage Black.
gail_publish.jpgAnd everyone could use a remix.
Gail Asper is no exception. The lawyer and activist posted a YouTube video of a rap she wrote to get kids out to vote in the Manitoba election on October 4. Gail's really rocking the mic, but she could use a decent producer. So we hooked her up with Skratch Bastid to see if he could just give her that extra degree of flow. You be the judge.
Me? I think the team of Gail and Skratch could be the next big wave of prairie hip-hop.
We're back next week and not going anywhere soon unless it's out on tour with Gail. Have a great weekend, y'all.


Brent Bambury @CBCDay6

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