Full Interview: Shirlee Engel on tweeting the Williams case

engel promote.jpgOn Thursday afternoon, following his conviction and sentencing, Russell Williams was removed from a Belleville courtroom and taken away, leaving us with the details of his crimes.

The hearings were remarkable both for the content of the testimony and the way it was relayed to the public. The judge permitted live blogging in the court including Twitter so journalists were able to provide a constant, unfiltered flow of information about proceedings. This is an enormous change in the way Canadian journalists usually report.

And it's seismic for news consumers too. In the Williams case, much of the evidence was shocking and disturbing, and some members of the public were critical of what seemed to be a torrent of horror and detail.

Shirlee Engel reported on the case from inside the court and her Twitter feed was widely followed. She's given careful thought to how social media tools change the way she does her job, and she shared her insight with us on Day 6.

(photo credit Global News) 


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