Episode 34 - After Osama

  • binladen-america_publish.jpgOsama & Jack Bauer
  • History of the Manhunt
  • Superman's Citizenship Snit
  • Ralph Nader
  • 2D Glasses
  • The Math Museum
  • MP School
  • Did Torture Get bin Laden?
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bin laden pic2222_publish.jpgIt was all over Twitter.

Some 70 minutes before President Obama addressed the nation and the world on Sunday, the Twittersphere was having its busiest night ever.

A record volume of tweets buzzed around the world, nearly all of them on the subject of the killing of the world's most wanted man, Osama bin Laden.

But another name was also trending in a big way: Jack Bauer.

Bauer_publish.jpgBauer's the character Kiefer Sutherland played on the TV action series 24. While the U.S. government searched in vain for Osama, Jack Bauer was brutally effective hunting down and torturing terrorists for more intelligence. For the nearly 10 years bin Laden was at large, America counted on Bauer for their catharsis. Now, with the seemingly impossible moment at hand, the only person they could imagine closing the deal was him.

Osama bin Laden played a huge part in the sucess of 24. Now with Osama eliminated as an antagonist, how does the entertainment industry alter their moral universe? Have we seen the last of the generic Middle Eastern terrorist in movies and TV? We talk to the executive producer of 24, Howard Gordon.

time_publish.jpgThe code name was Geronimo.

That's what the Navy SEALS called bin Laden in the message they sent announcing he'd been killed in action. It's been controversial in the aboriginal community. Geronimo was the first manhunt mandated by federal powers in the U.S. Unlike Osama, the great Apache chief was never captured. He surrendered to authorities.

The U.S. has launched nearly a dozen manhunts since 1885, most of them successful. It's a risky strategic policy, because you're investing your enemy with a nearly mythic status.

Benjamin Runkle is a former paratrooper and presidential speechwriter with a Harvard PhD. He's written a book called Wanted Dead or Alive: Manhunts from Geronimo to Bin Laden. He joins us from Washington.

superman_publish.jpgSuperman picked the wrong week for a citizenship snit.

First, President Obama released his birth certificate to prove his citizenship once and for all. Then the bin Laden killing unleashed a storm of patriotic celebration. But Superman is a comicbook character so he wasn't totally in tune with events as they unfolded.

So his threat in Action Comics #900 to renounce his U.S. citizenship to avoid being used as a tool of American foreign policy feels mistimed. Certainly the right wing commentators are saying so. We'll show you why comic book fans are cool with Superman's crisis of patriotic faith.

nader_publish.jpgRalph Nader says the American left is being left out.

Nader can't find progressive issues on the political agenda. He says the stuff he cares about- single payer healthcare, a living wage, fightting corporate corruption - is nowhere to be found. And he wants those things to be in play.

So: will he run for president?

We decided to ask him about that and also about the letter he sent to Stephen Harper during our election campaign. He thinks we should be paying closer attention to the border security perimeter negotiations and what that could do to our sovereignty. 

thor_publish.jpgThor could kill you with his hammer.

And when his movie opens this weekend he may well kill at the box office. But some people will just leave the theatre with a massive headache because Thor is another 3D movie like Tron and Rio.

I don't know why all these films with tiny titles get a whole extra dimension when Hollywood throws them onto the screen.

If you're prone to headaches when you watch a 3D movie- or if you just don't like them. like Roger Ebert - we've got a solution. We'll introduce you to the guy who invented 2D glasses. And you can even win a pair. 

math_publish.jpgIs Math your first love?

You don't need to be ashamed. Math probably finds you pretty foxy as well. Don't you wish there was a place where you could go to be closer to math and the other people who love him/her? After all, math has passionate advocates the world over.

Next year a math museum is going to open in New York City. It already has exhibits designed, like a square wheeled tricycle that illustrates the equation:


equation_crop222222.jpgA  former hedge-fund quantitative analyst has made the museum his quest. He'll talk about his love of math. It's infectious!

john yoo_publish.jpgThe torture advocates cry redemption.

John Yoo, Liz Cheney and Peter King were among the defenders of the enhanced interrogation policies the Bush administration employed in the early years of the war on terror. And this week they, along with some anonymous CIA sources, defended their policy saying it was useful in helping the administration track down Osama bin Laden.

Leon Panetta, CIA director was circumspect about the claims. He said it's impossible to distil any intelligence from waterboarding or other enhanced techniques from the big picture of intel that hit the jackpot.

But others are saying the torture debate is over, the era has passed and those who are defending the practice are really defending their own skins. More on that from our guest.

MP school_publish.jpgHey Ruth Ellen: How was Vegas?

See any shows? Win at PoKeNo? Catch some rays?

Well the fun is just starting because you're off to Vegas North: Ottawa!

Ruth Ellen Brosseau, the unilingual, non-campaigning NDP MP elected in Berthier-Maskinonge lives 300 kms outside the riding. And oh yeah: she won with a 6,000 vote majority.

Ruth Ellen and the other NDP rookies are not just going to Ottawa, they're going to PAAAAARTAAAAAYYYY!!!!  At least, that's what we're imagining. These rascally young (new) democrats are going to take stuffy old Parliament Hill and turn it upside down with their youthful hijinks. Seriously: if the next Parliament were a movie it would be a crazy 80's Revenge of the Nerds type screwball comedy.

We're calling it: MP School.

Admit it.

If you knew it was that easy to win a seat in Quebec you would've run yourself!
From a rough campaign in Vegas to $157k salary in 3... 2... 1....

Now all you need is a map to Ottawa.

Brent Bambury @CBCDay6

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