Episode 25 - All Apologies

  • sheen_publish.jpgThe Pressure to Apologize
  • Glenn Beck Alienates the Right
  • How the UK Bumps Up Sperm Donors
  • Shaun Majumder Does the Quote Quiz
  • Kathleen Phillips Finds Gadhafi's Achille's Heel
  • Who Directed "The Room"?
  • Betting on Global Events


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sheen2_publish.jpgCharlie Sheen made for pretty great TV last week. I know Two and a Half Men had lots of fans, but the stream-of-consciousness manic self-aggrandizing Sheen displayed in various interviews was a different act entirely.

Not only is Sheen not playing by script, for a fallen celebrity he's taking a different course entirely. In contrast to the contrition of John Galliano and Nelly Furtado, Sheen is arguing his path is so much shinier than that of the common person that we should all be grateful for his glow. He's showing us how to be bitchin'.

In other words, he refuses to apologize.

Acts of contrition have a ritualistic quality when made by celebrities. The public demands them and celebrities are required to acquiesce or we won't let them move on. But maybe Sheen has a different rulebook. Could he be rewriting the rules for the rest of us?

The public apology and why we think we deserve it today on Day 6.

InTrade_publish.jpgInTrade is a futures market for world events.

You can place a bet on the outcome of nearly anything happening (or not happening) in the world right now. Do you think there will be a WMD attack before the end of 2013? Put some money on it.

Nearly every Middle Eastern leader is on the site right now with probable exit dates attached to their names. You can bet on the economy, the Dow, the probable Republican candidates for President, even the winner of this year's American Idol. (Lauren Alaina looking strong!)

The fascinating thing is, the odds attached to each market are a fairly accurate indication of the outcomes. In other words, the market is better at predicting outcomes than pollsters or experts.

We talk to the co-founder of the world's leading prediction market.

glenn beck_publish.jpgGlenn Beck has amped it up. That's certainly how it appears when he warns of the communist-caliphate global conspiracy and the path it's beating to America's doorstep.

Beck has found major success in his role as a paranoid, apocalyptic, revival-tent Cassandra. And his act has helped raise the fortunes of the Republican Party.

But lately some high profile names on the American right are putting distance between themselves and Beck. We find out why.

sperm_publish.jpgThere's a shortage of sperm in Canada. The system badly lacks donors.

We don't pay sperm donors here and it turns out it's hard to get men to donate by appealing to their sense of altruism. In the UK they found they had to go deeper than that. Or maybe more shallow.

The UK handled their donor problem through campaigns with names like Sperm Donation - Have you got the Balls? and Give a Toss. They got massive attention and bumped up the number of donors.

We go to the UK to find out how they got inside men's heads.

wiseau_publish.jpgSome movies are awful in ways so complex you can't even describe it. That's what it's like to watch The Room.

The feature film has found a cult following not seen since the glory days of Rocky Horror. And it's not a musical with sing along options or dance numbers. It's a grinding domestic drama and strange psychological thriller. If Ingmar Bergman were a zombie he might have made The Room.

It's been dubbed The Citizen Kane of Bad Movies, and now - amazingly - the directorship of The Room is contested. A new expose alleges another director helmed the film and not the auteur writer and star Tommy Wiseau.

We explore the controversy. And we chat with Tommy Wiseau in a web-exclusive interview you can find here.

nelly_publish.jpgAnd how about that Nelly Furtado? She made a million dollars off of the Gadhafis and now she's giving it away.

But what if she was a super-hero? She could use her powers to infiltrate the conflicted North African republic and strike a blow against tyranny and long rambling speeches.

Kathleen Phillips says the super powers are not necessary. Nelly has all the mojo she needs just by being a pop idol admired by the Colonel.

Celebrities are Gadhafi's Achille's heel and if they formed their own Justice League of Pop they could change the course of history.

Quote Quiz! Who said:

  • I'm tired of pretending I'm not a total bitchin' rock star from Mars.
  • I'm dealing with fools and trolls. I'm dealing with soft targets.
  • Dying is for fools, amateurs.
  • I blinked and I cured my brain.

Yes they're all Sheen, the Sheeniest quotes of the week. But there's more. There's Gadhafi, Glenn Beck and more Charlie Sheen. Each one of them commits to the verbal crazy-pool of our language. It's confusing! We need someone to sort through it.

majumder_publish.jpgSo we found Shaun Majumder driving in the desert and we asked him. Shaun takes our quote quiz and he's really good. Or as Charlie Sheen says: I got magic and I got poetry at my fingertips.

And congratulations to Kerry Boyce of Ottawa who was selected from the 624 people who aced our Oscar pool. The Cineplex prize package goes to Kerry and my admiration goes to the other 623 who had the all the answers but are too numerous to be rewarded with a prize.

Still I can't help wondering: did it break your heart to vote against Annette Bening?

Have an awesome weekend.

Brent Bambury @CBCDay6


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