Audio: Green Day/Koran Burning Mashup


Jones.jpgOne of our contributors Paolo Pietropaolo made this great piece of sound for us this week. Think of it as an opinion piece made up of music and statements that were made about Terry Jones, the pastor who planned to burn the Koran. There are a lot of voices in this. Hear the audio and read a list of all the people in the track after the jump.

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In order of appearance:

1) Rev. Terry Jones

2) CNN American Morning's John Roberts and Kiran Chetry

3) New reports from CBC and PBS

4) Rev. Terry Jones being interviewed by CNN's Rick Sanchez

5) Rick Sanchez

6) U.S. General and Commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan, David Petraeus

7) Defence Minister, Peter Mackay

8) U.S. President Barack Obama

9) CNN's Reza Sayah reporting from Pakistan

10) Larry Reimer of the United Church of Gainesville, Florida

11) Associate Pastor Wayne Sapp from Jones' church
12) Imam Plemon el-Amin of the Atlanta Masjid of al-Islam
Music: American Idiot, Greenday
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