Episode 6: Chilean Miners Ready for their Closeup, David Sedaris, "Mad Men" in 90 Seconds

chile2 promote.jpgIt was as though Chile won 33 gold medals at the Olympics, one after another, an improbable series of successes, a run of extrordinary luck. Each individual miner was literally elevated to the moment, the focus of international attention and a huge nationalist pride. Of course the world wants to relive this triumph again.

So who gets to make the movie?

Robert McKee is in talks to work on the film that will tell the story of the 33 trapped Chilean miners. He's a respected  expert in feature film narrative, the author of Story: Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting. It's the bible of writing screenplays. We'll talk to him about where this narrative goes next.

David Sedaris reads from his new book of fables: Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk. It's a tale of power gone mad and shocking violence, unusual for Sedaris and still clearly part of his moral universe. It's brilliant.  And we have a contest too!

Have you seen the online vid of Grover as the Old Spice Guy? Millions have. Ditto Katy Perry with her sexy dress singing with Elmo. Sesame Street has been going viral lately and not all of it is aimed at kids. The executive producer of Sesame Street joins us to talk about their online strategy.

Mad Men- the excellent TV drama about Madison Avenue during the Kennedy era- wraps up season 4 this weekend. If you missed it we have a 90 second summary that goes surprisingly well with a glass of bourbon.

Dial it back a few years to the end of the 50's and the highest paid entertainer in the USA was the flamboyant pianist Liberace. This weekend the Liberace museum in Las Vegas is shutting down because of lack of interest. Bryden McDonald has something to say about that.

A teenage writer creates a mystery story around a former Canadian Prime Minister. She tells us why Paul Martin would be good at solving crimes.

Ezra Levant on why Canada  needn't fret about losing the seat on the UN Security Council.

And How to Become a Saint: A Day 6 Explainer.

It's not too late for you. Do it! Make your mother proud. Matryrdom is just one option.

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