Episode 5: Thanksgiving for New Canadians, P.J. O'Rourke, Drone Wars

turkey promote.jpgAnd it's Thanksgiving and everyone's candying yams. Why do we do that to vegetables? Why not just save the candying for candy? There are many mysteries attached to this holiday, especially if you're a new Canadian. Rupinder Gill on how thoroughly flummoxing her family found Thanksgiving.

Also: there's P.J. O'Rourke on why the Tea Party is good for America.

And the internet was not successful in its nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize this week, but the internet's cool with it. The internet tells us why it's aiiiiiiight.

In hard economic times people want diversions, entertainment that's fluff. So Dancing with the Stars is a perfect fit. Except critics have noticed something different about this year's season. Suddenly Dancing with the Stars has become political. Might it be developing a conscience? Our critic weighs in.

A Saudi prince stands trial in the UK in a case that involves unlawful death and gay sex. We'll find out what it could mean inside the Saudi kingdom.

Bob Woodward's book Obama's Wars takes us inside the Obama White House and charts the internal conflicts over the unpopular Afghan war. Woodward's got a great reputation as a journalist. But what about his writing? We pick up Obama's Wars and ask: Should I Read It?

In Pakistan, the CIA is waging a war using unmanned drones shooting Hellfire missiles. It's a technological take on contemporary warfare, and this week the drone strikes were stepped up to respond to the general terror alert in Europe. Is drone war effective? And how does it work? We do a Day 6 Explainer on Drone Wars.

Tiger Woods was having another bad moment when Mark Pain took a great picture of him chipping the ball toward the camera. But when it was published, no one looked at Tiger or the ball. All eyes went to a guy in a wig with huge eyes and a big stogie. Smiling Cigar Guy
was cropped and photoshopped all over the internet creating a new meme. We'll tell you more on Behind the Meme.

All that and more to get you started on a holiday weekend. Day 6: a search for deeper meme-ing.

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