John Tory reacts to Rob Ford's "I do not use crack cocaine"


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford finally addressed the allegations from Gawker and The Toronto Star on Friday. They allege he was caught in a cell phone video smoking crack cocaine. Mayor ford said "I do not use crack cocaine, nor am I an addict of crack cocaine". He says he can't comment on a video he hasn't seen or "doesn't exist". CBC has not seen the video and we cannot verify its contents. Throughout the whole crack cocaine saga, Rob Ford had his supporters. He posed for photos with people while being tailed by camera crews. He says he received supportive calls and emails. Now he says it's "business as usual" at City Hall. But can Toronto move on? John Tory is the a former MPP and leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. He also ran for mayor of Toronto and he's the current host of CFRB 1010's Live Drive program.


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