Will the Harlem Shake viral meme ever stop?


Move over Gangnam Style, you've been usurped by The Harlem Shake. It's the latest YouTube meme to explode. The videos feature Baauer's song, "Harlem Shake", accompanied by all manner of regular people doing irregular things. YouTube says more than 25,000 videos have been posted since the start of February, drawing over 120 million views. YouTube trend manager Kevin Allocca tries to explain the phenomenon. Click through to see some great examples! 

Take a look at some "Harlem shake" examples, and then why not make your own version? Tweet it to us @CBCDay6, put it on our Facebook page, or email it to us at DaySix@CBC.CA.

A Tour Through Harlem Shakes

Start with this one, produced by our friends at CBC Music.

But here's the one that started it all, by comedian and vlogger Filthy Frank who uploaded his video on January 30th.

A group of teenagers known as The Sunny Coast Skate from Queensland Australia, were the first to respond and the rest, as they say, is history.

The 125.St Harlem Subway Shake. By the way, this one is slightly not safe for work.

The University of Georgia Men's Swim and Dive Team made waves with their underwater version.

More than 10.5 million views suggests that Maker Studios is clearly the funnest workplace EVER!

CNN's Anderson Cooper is baffled by his staff's Harlem Shake.

Even the Swiss Norwegian Army got the shakes.

Matt and Kim manage to fill a football stadium full of Harlem Shakers.

While some just want it to stop.

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