Episode 110: The Big 6- Top Stories of 2012 including Newsmaker of the Year


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six+publish.jpgIt's our final show of the year, the Day 6 Big 6.  

This is it. This is when we count down the biggest stories of 2012 in the categories of Breakout, Trend, Heartbreaker, Breakthrough and reveal the results of your votes for Flameout and Newsmaker of the year.

So we're kissing off 2012 with the Big 6. Hope you're ready. Here Goes.


Psy22222_publish.jpgBreakthrough- Psy and Gagnam Style
Self-mocking social critic rises from K-pop obscurity to create the most viral video clip of all time,  Psy's dance moves an essential catalyst.

"I don't think we've ever had a song like Gagnam Style where it is truly a global phenomenon. We've had crossover acts moving from Hispanic music to mainstream. But the thing about Psy is: what is the mainstream anymore?

What it's a sign of is the decentralization of culture, but the reason for it is: it's really catchy, you can fun of rich people while being rich and you can do it at sports events."

-Stephen Marche

Amanda-Todd_publish.jpgTrend- The Internet Gets a Conscience

Gawker and Jezebel shame racists while Anonymous goes after Amanda Todd's tormentor.  Yes, it's vigilantism but it's also about creating boundaries.

"Something as simple as finding out the identity of someone who's been posting rude things on your blog gives people a sense of control.

But who gets targeted most frequently by whom? That's when the ethical questions become important. Because you're playing with fire." 

- Whitney Phillips

sandy hook_publish.jpgHeartbreaker- The Sandy Hook School Shootings

It was an unspeakable evil that may change the course of America's love of guns. But as Obama said:

"Our hearts are broken".




TomKat_publish.jpgBreakout- Katie Holmes Flees her Marriage to Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes files for divorce from Tom Cruise on June 28th. No other Hollywood split has ever conjured so much relief.

"We worried the same way we worried about anyone's seemingly messed-up partnership. Katie Holmes was the anyone. There were rumours she was being spied on, held captive, brainwashed.

When Katie escaped it was more than celebrity gossip. It was righteous, inspirational, intriguing. It seemed like a brilliant, elaborate plot."

-Alexandra Molotkow

flameout_publish.jpgFlameout- Lance Armstrong

Stripped of his titles, his Olympic medal under review, Armstrong decides he won't fight the allegations in a damning USADA report, and leaves the stage a diminished hero.

 "Lance Armstrong is probably the biggest fraud and liar and cheat in the history of sports so I don't think anything he says is going to hold any water.

I honestly thought 'I'm telling the truth and people are going to listen to me' and it just fell on deaf ears. I paid the price, (my husband) Frankie paid the price, my kids paid the price because my goal was always to get the truth out. I suffered for telling it.

You've got two elements here: It's the story of redemption for my husband... and then it's me standing up to the bully."

-Betsy Andreau

obamas_election_publish.jpgNewsmaker of the Year- The U.S. Election

Obama's policies are vindicated, the President re-elected and Republicans are forced to face the demographic reality of America in 2012.

"I wish the debates had actually had Biden versus Romney and Obama versus Ryan because it really was like old lefty meets new righty. It wasn't right. They were talking past each other.

I do think the moment when Biden said 'I always say what I mean' was the staunching of what could have been Romney's victory. That was an amazing moment of rhetorical accuracy.

But I think the moments can be distracting. I think the truth in this election is, it may be the last time that any party will have two white men on the same ticket. And it's the last moment you can run against gay rights. That's what's really important, that politics changed."

-Stephen Marche

big 6 NYE_publish222.jpgThis was a big year for us at Day 6, welcoming more stations into our Public Radio International family and for the first time broadcasting shows uninterrupted throughout the summer.

We promise you even better things in 2013.

All the best and see you in January. And may this be the year you finally win a tote bag.



Brent Bambury, @cbcday6

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