Episode 104: Sexpionage, McAfee's Wild Run, Deep Sixed: Growth and more


** Sex, Security and the CIA ** Bonkers in Belize ** Deep Sixed: End of Growth ** Rolling Jubilee and Absolving Debt **  Fiscal Cliffhanger ** The Last Pictures in Space **


Bond_publish-.jpg"I have no evidence at this point, from what I've seen, that classified information was disclosed that in any way would have had a negative impact on our national security."

That was President Obama on Wednesday addressing the first question at his first news conference since he was re-elected to office.

The sex scandal that took down David Patraeus is still unfolding, and everyone wants to know if national security was compromised. Sex is still a powerful tool in the espionage business and my guest, Nigel West, has written a book about it called The Historical Dictionary of Sexpionage.

After 50 years of Bond movies everyone believes the number one reason to get into the spy business is for the sex. It's not far from the truth.

Sex, security and the CIA on Day 6.

-McAfee-2_publish.jpgBonkers in Belize

Software pioneer John McAfee's name is on everyone's PC. He invented the anti-virus software that made him millions before he left the tech industry decades ago. Today John McAfee is on the run from the law.

One of his neighbours was shot in the back of the head and McAfee is a "person of interest" in that murder case.

Journalist Jeff Wise visited McAfee in his home in Belize a few months ago and found an erratic, paranoid man quite changed from the romantic adventurer he'd first met years ago. McAfee was surrounded by armed security and said he couldn't leave his home after dark.

Jeff joins us to talk about murder, guns and the drug allegations attached to the man who's the Bill Gates of PC security.

deep sixed_publish.jpgDeep Sixed: Growth

Jeff Rubin, former chief economist for CIBC World Markets, has a new book called The End of Growth. He says the era of cheap oil is over and with it the double digit rates of economic growth we've become addicted to. We need to adjust because our lives are about to change with the end of growth.

invisible hand_publish.jpgRoger Pielke Jr. is a Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and the author of The Climate Fix; What Scientists and Politicians Won't Tell You About Global Warming. He says while growth isn't guaranteed it's historically robust.

They talk about the different ways they see growth in the 21st century and then you can vote in our Deep Sixed poll here.

And we get a nifty explanation of what growth really is from Matthew Lazin-Ryder of the CBC hit series The Invisible Hand.

rolling jubilee_publish.jpgYour Account has been Settled

It's a debtors fantasy. A stranger buys your debt, forgives your loan and you're free. Rolling Jubilee, an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street, has been doing just that, picking up debt for pennies on the dollar and absolving the debtor.

 Image how that would feel: a stranger calls you and says, "Hey you know that loan you've been working on paying off? Forget it."

Of course, it's like winning a lottery. There's no way the trillions owed in the debt market will be paid off this way. But Rolling Jubilee think they're making an important point about debt and the role it plays in people's lives. Will it have an impact? We'll find out.

thelma-and-louise_publish.jpgFiscal Cliffhanger

As soon as the U.S. Presidential election was decided, media instantly pivoted to talk wide-eyed and breathless about the fiscal cliff.

That's the mandated debt payment and tax raising time bomb the U.S. budget is rushing toward like Thelma and Louise in their 1966 Thunderbird.

The fiscal cliff is a blockbuster of a budget showdown, but Aaron Hagey-Mackay imagines it could also be a tourist attraction like Mount Rushmore or the Grand Canyon. Get your tickets now though. Bi-partisanship could flatten this huge metaphor with a stroke of a pen.

Earth-Rise_publish.jpgThe Last Pictures

Millions- or even billions- of years after life ends on Earth, an out-of-commission TV satellite may contain the final images of the legacy and environment of humankind.

Next week, a collection of 100 images called The Last Pictures will be blasted into space, bolted to the surface of the EchoStar XVI, which will spend a long, long time orbiting the Earth.

The pictures include images of bees, cave painting, a typhoon lashing a seashore.

What do the images represent and how were they selected?

Those were some of the questions we were asking so we contacted artist and photographer Trevor Paglen to find how this archive came into being and who he hopes will find it long after Earth and her inhabitants have checked out.

The Last Pictures_publish.jpgThe Last Pictures have been collected in a book. And we have one copy to give away. So we thought we'd launch our own photo contest to give you a chance to win that book. 

Just send us a photograph- one that you've taken yourself- that you think should be sent into the future and submit it to our online photo contest

And that's Day 6 for this week, a sex, drugs and economic theory kind of show. Hope you have a stellar weekend and see you next week back on Earth.

Brent Bambury @CBCDay6

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