Episode 98: McDonalds Takes Questions, Homicidal Honeymoon, Mob in Canada and more


McDonald's Opens Up** Black Widow Killings** Canadian Mafia's Deep Roots** Abortion Boat** Gay Conversion Therapy** The Most Important Election Ever** 

mcdos sign_publish.jpgAsk us about our burgers.

McDonald's wants to hear your questions about their food. A new campaign has so far received ten thousand queries - everything from "Is your food fresh?" to "Is there meat in your milkshakes?"

The campaign is called Our Food, Your Questions. It is a huge departure from the brightly coloured fantasy of a typical fast food commercial. And it addresses some of the unsavory rumours that have knocked around for years, such as: "Do you use mealworms in your burgers as fillers?"

We talk to McDonalds about why they're engaging with the public and food writer Mark Bittman looks at the campaign and the questions not being answered.

millie_publish.jpgHomicidal Honeymoon

21 years ago, Millie Weeks was convicted of drugging, running over and then killing her second husband in Halifax. She served two years.

In the interim she married again to a man who died shortly after. Then she dated and emptied the bank account of an elderly man in Florida, and she served time for theft and forgery.

This week the Black Widow was back in court. She's charged with the attempted murder of her latest husband, Fred Weeks, who fell ill shortly after they were married in September. In fact, they were still on their honeymoon.

Wendy Walsh is host of Happily Never After, a show about murder and marriage. She talks to us about poison, sociopaths and mariticide

nicosa edit_publish.jpgWise Guys

Italian mafia have been operating in Canada for over a century. Canadian law and deep connections to the establishment have made organized crime hard to root out. In Montreal, police tabloids gave front page coverage to turf wars and bloody hits.

Now at the Charbonneau Commission, an inquiry into corruption in Quebec's construction industry, high ranking politicians are implicated. 

But also at that inquiry it was alleged that the mafia operating in Ontario is more clandestine and more powerful than the mob in Quebec. The 'Ndrangeta is a Calabrian outfit, unlike the Sicilian families in Montreal. And their activities in the drug trade have made them hugely rich, putting 3% of Italy's GDP in their control.

They've been in Canada for generations and our guest says they quietly infiltrate society at all levels including the political and judiciary.

abortion protest_publish.jpgAbortion Boat

Protestors showed up in the port city of Smir, Morocco this week when a vessel was slated to arrive that would make abortions available to Moroccan women. The Dutch yacht is run by Women on Waves, and on board there's a small clinic that can perform abortions.

No women were able to board the ship this week in Smir, but Women on Waves say their journey was still vital because of the information they provided to women in Morocco, where most abortions are against the law.

We speak to Dr Rebecca Gomperts, the founder and director of Women on Waves.

gay flag_publish.jpgBeing gay is a choice.

That's the core idea of reparative therapy, a controversial treatment that aims to reverse a gay person's sexuality and make them straight. California recently banned the therapy for minors in the state but now reparative therapy groups are fighting back.

We have two guests from both sides of the story. David Pickup is with The National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality - or NARTH - the organization representing these therapists. He says therapy saved his life.

And Ryan Kendall who was exposed to the therapy as a teen says it nearly killed him.

debate_publish.jpgMost. Important. Ever. 

There's hardly ever been an American election where someone didn't call it the most important one yet. This year, President Obama may have been trying to downplay the import by showing up to Wednesday's debate in mid-hibernation.

But pundits, columnists and Trumpsters are still insisting the 2012 vote is the ultimate in the importance sweepstakes.

And that whole idea is bugging Day 6 contributor Brent Cox.

That's it! It's Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, hope you eat something orange. And we're back next week with more Day 6.

Brent Bambury @CBCDay6

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