Food Crisis, Drought and Vertical Farms


Climate scientists will tell you droughts and other extreme weather events is the new normal. One way or another, farming needs to adapt to a new reality. A possible solution is vertical farming. Imagine taking a bunch of greenhouses, stacking them one on top of each other, and plunking it down in a city. Once dismissed as an expensive and unrealistic idea, vertical farms are now cropping up around the world, but huge challenges still face the young industry. Day 6 producer Dominic Girard looks into this growing food trend. Click "Read More" for all kinds of info related to this story.

AP PHOTO/Charlie Neibergal

Find out more about the guests featured in our vertical farm story

Here's a link to a Toronto Star piece about Alterrus's Vancouver vertical farm project.

Find out more about Plantagon here, the company building the Swedish vertical farm.

Here's where you'll find Dickson Despommier's official vertical farm website.

Bonus: The Plant is a really cool Chicago vertical farm project.

Here are concept images for Gordon Graff's Skyfarm.  What do you think?  The location he selected is now the block occupied by the Toronto International Film Festival tower.

And Here's Dickson Despommiers making his argument for vertical farming with the help of Good Magazine and Babelgum:

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