Episode 78 - Unmasking Dissent




*Masks and Outlaws
*One Share of Facebook
*Pussy Riot Crackdown
*Save Our SIN
*Greek Banks Brace
*No Bad Jobs
*Rick Moody and Guilty Pleasures

masks_premier_publish.jpgLaw students in Montreal got a nasty shock this week when they decided to defy the deadlocked student strike and go to class. Masked demonstrators burst into their classroom, allegedly hurling abuse and intimidating the students who were trying to salvage their term.

After 14 weeks of massive and sometimes disruptive protest, the parties in Quebec are no closer to a negotiated settlement. There's frustration on all sides and lawmakers are turning to masks222222_publish.jpglegislation.

On Friday the provincial government brought in a law with stiff fines for organizations that try to prevent students from attending class. New legislation from the other levels of government are targeting the demonstrators, especially the ones wearing masks.

Some of the masked protestors say they have legitimate reasons to hide their face, or that masks are part of their message and constitute freedom of expression. Others say violence would fall dramatically if masked protestors were excluded.

Should protestors be forced to show their face? We have two sides to the mask debate on Day 6.

FB stock_publish.jpgOne Share of Facebook

Facebook launched their IPO on Friday and set the price of their share at $38. That seems reasonable, doesn't it? What else can you do with $38? It barely covers lunch for two. But of course, who would buy just one share of Facebook or any other stock?

It turns out lots of people would. They're into scripophily.

apple_stock_publish.jpgStock certificate collectors are called scripophiles and the paper stocks they love - from Disney, Apple, Playboy and others - can be elaborate and beautifully printed. You get a certificate just for owning a single share too.  In some cases, among collectors, the paper is worth more than the share.

Paper certificates are going the way of all paper: fewer companies issue them. So the scripophile community was ecstatic when Facebook announced they were doing it. We'll tell you how to get one share and the frame-able paper proof.

pussy_riot_publish.jpgPussy Riot on Ice

A Moscow performance/punk band has split public opinion in Russia and sparked a debate about freedom of expression, Vladimir Putin and the rise of the power of the Russian Orthodox church.

Pussy Riot let loose with an impromptu performance/protest inside a church back in January. No one was arrested on the site but weeks later, as outrage grew across the country, members were dramatically rounded up and detained. Human rights organization took notice and cried foul.

Three members of Pussy Riot are charged with hooliganism and face up to seven years in prison. We'll talk to the Canadian husband of Nadezhda Tolokonnikova.

sin2222222_publish.jpgSave our SIN

Getting a SIN card used to be a rite of passage in Canada. You could apply before you were old enough to own a credit card or drive. And you needed a SIN to get paid at your first real job at McDonalds or the car wash.

But now, in the name of austerity, this low tech piece of plastic is being phased out.

No big deal, right? You have your number memorized along with your passwords, PIN numbers and best jokes. Who cares?

Mike Balazo. That's who.

bank of greece_publish.jpgGreek Banks Brace

This week there was mini-run on Greek banks. Worried by the uncertainty as their coalition government turned them back to the polls, Greeks withdrew nearly a billion in savings from the banks.

It's not a crisis, but it's a real harbinger of what could happen next. If Greece seems likely to exit the EU- the fabled "Grexit" - everyone would pull out all the euros they can get.

We go to Athens to talk about the cost of instability.

Thumbnail image for flaherty222_publish.jpgOn the Dole

Have you ever had a bad job? Jim Flaherty the finance minister says they don't exist. In mulling over changes to Employment Insurance, Flaherty said the unemployed should reconsider work they may view as demeaning. It's work.You'll love it.

Instead of looking for a job you're qualified for in the city you want to live in maybe you should move somewhere far away and do something completely different. What's wrong? It's a job!

Actually since he made his remarks the government seems to have moved slightly away from Flaherty's idea of the great EI diaspora.  

Alexandra Molotkow is optimistic about suitable employment. See you on the seal hunt.

Jethro_Tull_publish.jpgRick Moody and Guilty Pleasures

The music you loved passionately as a teenager might not sound so great in 20 years. Usually it's hugely embarrassing. But maybe our teenage ears were more perceptive than we remember.

Rick Moody author of The Ice Storm and Garden State has opened the vault on the music punk convinced him to abandon, the music of his past. He's worked through the shame and he's found stuff to love in the rock genre he adored in his adolescence.

And what is that genre? The form that dare not speak its name?  It's prog.

We explore Rick's youth and progressive music of the '70s as we talk about guilty pleasures.

queen victoria_publish.jpgAnd that's it for this Victoria Day weekend. Mr. Jim Brown is with you next week, I'm back in two weeks.

Break out the fireworks, put on some Jethro Tull and toast the Queen. The Queen part is optional in Quebec.



Have a great weekend.


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