Episode 74 - Norway's Test



*Breivik's Challenge
*The Birth of 4:20
*Charities and Activism
*Charge of the Touareg
*Nic Cage's IRS Period
*Teller Sues for Magic
*How Pippa Rolls

breivik33333_publish.jpgIt's not just Anders Behring Breivik who is on trial this week in Oslo, it's the Norwegian justice system itself. In a country with exceptionally liberal ideas about crime and rehabilitation, with a steadfast abhorrence of the death penalty, there are Norwegians who believe Breivik deserves more punishment than the state provides.

It's a paradox since Breivik himself tetified at length about how he believes Norway's distinct identity is being eroded.

Can Norway's exceptionally liberal court system provide punishment adequate to Breivik's crimes? Or is Norway ready to show less mercy to a mass murderer? We go to Oslo for more.

4-20_publish.jpgTime to Light Up

If you live in an urban centre you could probably smell it in the air. Friday was 4:20. For a long time no one knew precisely how the number 4:20 came to mean all things cannabis, but it's become so intertwined with smoking pot that 4:20 is a kind of international stoner holiday.

This year - more than forty years since they coined the term - the guys who invented 4:20 have finally come out. We have their happy-happy story this week.

suzuki_publish.jpgFront-line Activists

David Suzuki resigned from the board of his foundation last week. Suzuki was concerned that his connection to The David Suzuki Foundation would damage their charitable status if he continued to speak out.

It's a response to the new measure in the federal budget, $8 million in funding, to help the CRA monitor the legal activities of charities.

Budget documents say the money will "Improve transparency by requiring charities to provide more information on their political activities, including the extent to which these are funded by foreign sources."

We have two takes on the new climate of speech, transparency and charitable status. Tzeporah Berman and Vivian Krause square off on the new scrutiny.

mali_publish.jpgThe VW... Mujahideen

It's kind of a strange thing to name a car after an ethnic group or participants in an armed struggle. Volkswagen did both when they decided to call their luxury SUV the Touareg back in 2002.

Earlier this year the Tuareg people- the Berber nomads of North Africa- were involved in a complicated coup in the country of Mali. They even captured Timbuktu. It's pretty unstable and marketers usually crave stability.

We wondered what all this meant for VolksWagen. Check it out.

cage22222_publsih.jpgNic Cage Agonistes

Nic Cage, who is one of the highest paid actors in the world, has a sword of Damocles hanging over his head. It's a tax bill. A big one. He owes the IRS $6 million. Crazy right? But here's the thing: he's already paid $6 million. Nic was $12 million in arrears. Holy smoke!

How did he get all that money? He went and made a lot of movies.

Nic, always fascinating to watch, has become arguably more fascinating as he relentlessly cranks out pictures to avoid prison. His IRS period has inspired fans to write poetry and reviews or simply gawk in amazement.

We'll hear from a few of the Cage people.

teller_publish.jpgTeller Speaks

Penn and Teller became huge stars in the world of magic by creating an act that updated the patter and show biz of the art while staying loyal to the discipline and craft. Teller is the silent one.

Years ago he copyrighted a lovely and evocative trick and now another magician is offering to sell that trick- Teller's signature- to the world, for money.

Teller tried to make a deal with the guy, but it didn't work. Now he's been forced to go to court  to protect his copy write.  

Teller is distraught and he tells us why.

pippa22222_publish.jpgPippa Middleton Rolls with a Gangsta

The sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, herself a likely future Queen of England, was noticed for more than her style and physique this week- unusual because she was in Paris at the time. Her companion pointed a gun at a photographer. Just a toy one, but illegal nonetheless for all parties involved. La Republique takes this very seriously.

Mike Balazo can't imagine a prison for Pippa. But I think he's ready to storm the Bastille

And that's it for another week.

Enter our Riffed from the Headlines contest and win a Day 6 tote bag which are ideal for whatever use you put them to- shopping, carrying school stuff or smuggling toy guns into France. Oh, Pippa.

See you next week.

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