Episode 71 - Online Vigilantes


*Twitter, Trayvon and Justice
*Stand Your Ground
*Game of Thrones in 90 Seconds
*April Fool's Marketing
*Self-Immolation Survivor
*Trudeau vs. Brazeau
*Mommy Porn Empire




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Tray_top_publish.jpgSupporters of Trayvon Martin are frustrated by the apparatus of justice in the killing of the 17-year-old Florida boy. They see the freedom of shooter George Zimmerman as a miscarriage of justice and would like him to be arrested and charged. Thousands are mobilizing- holding vigils, contacting politicians, and organizing online.

But it all went wrong for an elderly Florida couple when Spike Lee and others on Twitter misidentified their home as the address of George Zimmerman. Fearing reprisals, the couple fled. We speak to their son and then look at the legal implications of inciting vigilante action on social media.

tray_publish.jpgNo Retreat

The Stand Your Ground law is cited as the reason Sanford, Florida police let George Zimmerman walk free with no charges laid after he shot the unarmed teen. The law is an addendum to the self-defense laws in Florida and now it's getting lots of scrutiny.

We talk to a reporter from the Miami Herald about some of the other high profile instances of Stand Your Ground and whether law makers will tinker with it - or repeal it - after the outrage over Trayvon.

GameofThrones_publish.jpgBloody Game

Winter is Coming... in about 8 months or so. But if you've been watching Game of Thrones you know exactly what I'm talking about.

The medieval sex and violence HBO mini-series is launching season two this weekend. It's dirty, bloody fun.

If you haven't been watching, don't fret. We have a 90 second precis of the story so far.

april_fools_publish.jpgPunk the Client

Tomorrow is April Fool's Day and among the jokesters who punk the clueless on this day are Madison Avenue executives and the companies they represent.

Blue chip firms like Google, Lulu Lemon and Westjet love rolling out joke advertisements on April 1st and often their clients are entertained and delighted.

But sometimes the jokes backfire. Rebecca Cullers of AdWeek rounds up the best and worst of the April Fool's Day gag campaigns.

tibet_fire_publish.jpgSearing Protest

Tibetans protesting China's occupation of their homeland have been setting themselves on fire, perhaps as many as 30 in the past year. This week a man set himself ablaze to protest Chinese President Hu Jintao's trip to India.

One protestor tried to self-immolate and survived. Migmer Tsering was badly burned and ambivalent about surviving the ordeal. We caught up with Migmer Tsering in Utter Pradesh, India. He tells us why he chose to do what he did and what he's going to next.

fight_publish.jpgPunch-Drunk Pols

Look at these guys! Senator Patrick Brazeau and MP Justin Trudeau are duking it out in the boxing ring for charity this weekend.

Brazeau looks like a scrapper; he's 5'10" and 183 pounds. Trudeau, more delicately featured, is 6'2" and 180. Some people smell blood.

Mark Critch of This Hour Has 22 Minutes gives us a preview of the hottest sports ticket in Ottawa this weekend.

fifty-shades_publish.jpgMommy Porn

Want to make a lot of money? Write some racy fiction, pitch it to a female audience and release it as an e-book. Fifty Shades of Grey, an erotic novel by British writer E.L. James is one of the hottest literary properties in the world, and many others are making big bucks selling what some call smut in the e-book market.

We'll meet two women who've made a fortune by getting in on a market traditional publishing didn't touch.

That's it for March! Don't get punked on April 1st and we'll be back next week with more Day 6 goodness. Have a great weekend. 

Brent Bambury @CBCDay6

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