Episode 66 - Fixing Oscar


*Getting Oscar Right
*Ethics and Hacking
*Down Syndrome and Eugenics
*Rihanna And Chris Pt. 2
*Mexican Prisons

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oscars22222_publish.jpgThis weekend it's the 84th annual Academy Awards, Hollywood's biggest night. But it's been a rough ride at the box office lately and the Oscar broadcast has been wobbly too. How many minutes into Sunday's broadcast before someone mentions the train wreck that was the Franco-Hathaway hosting duo of 2011?

We've been paying tribute to the Oscars with our Oscar pool which is open until a few hours before the broadcast.

But how to best celebrate movies in 2012? We talk to two movie lovers- Dana Stevens of Slate and Adam Kepenaar of Filmspotting- about fixing the Oscars.

toewsBW_publish.jpgEthics and Hacking

Vic Toews is not having a good February. Bill C-30, the Internet surveillance legislation, was sent to committee after a surprisingly broad-based critical outrage rang out from ordinary citizens. The Minister got some not-so-ordinary criticism too.

A Twitter account published details of his divorce- this was done anonymously. And then the hackitivst group Anonymous stepped in with a cyber missive of their own.

Anonymous identified a woman they said was Toews mistress, information that had thus far been kept out of other media and leaks. So we decided to talk to someone associated with Anonymous to find out more about how they see their role, the ethics they expect from public officials, and the ethics they apply to themselves.

down syn_publish.jpgDown's Babies

New Prenatal testing for Down Syndrome is available and it's effective a mere 10 weeks into pregnancy. It's called MaterniT21 and though not yet approved for use in Canada, many Canadian women are looking for information on where they can get it.

It likely means fewer babies with Down Syndrome will be born, potentially none. And it raises a host of questions.

What do pre-natal choices and selective termination say about society and the disabled? We'll find out on Day 6.

rihanna_publish.jpgRihanna And Chris Pt. 2

Chris Brown was away from the Grammys for three years after the assault on Rihanna ended their relationship in 2009.

But this year he was back in force, picking up an award for Best RnB Album and performing multiple times. Many welcomed him back. Other music fans weren't eager to show love to someone who'd brutally assaulted his girlfriend.

Chris Brown and Rihanna seem to believe their fans want to move on because now they've turned up on each other's songs. On Monday, both artists released remixes versions of songs featuring one another. Mary-Elizabeth Williams weighs in.

mex prison 222222_publish.jpgMexican Prisons

Last weekend a jail break from a Mexican prison sparked headlines, not because of the number of escapees- thirty- but because of the number of people murdered.

44 inmates were stabbed and beaten to death at the overcrowded Apodaca prison near Monterrey on Sunday, the latest in a series of breaches in a justice system that's lost all connection to justice.

Ioan Grillo is a reporter for Reuters in Mexico, his book is El Narco. He talks about what happened at Apodaca.

oscars333333_publish.jpgThat's it for this show and this month! Next week it's the first Day 6 in March and we'll be on top of the stories of the week and sending out books to the winners of our Oscar Pool.

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