Episode 61- Do Not Disclose


*Sex Selective Abortions
*Elmore Leonard
*Merkozy: The Rom-Com
*A Day Without Wiki
*Pro-Taliban Ringtones
*Dungeons & Dragons Reboot

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Pregnant2222_publish.jpgHow would you feel if your doctor knew the sex of your fetus but couldn't share the information with you?

A prominent physician has taken a controversial position to halt sex-selective abortions in Canada. In an editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, Dr. Rajendra Kale calls for non-disclosure of the sex of fetuses until the pregnancy is past 30 weeks.

He sees it as a solution to abortions, which might be used to select a baby's sex. But it conflicts with a patient's right to their own medical information. We had some questions like:

-Is sex selective abortion a problem in Canada?

-Could it become a problem given immigration from places where these abortions are more common?

More in our first segment this week on Day 6.

elmore_publish.jpgElmore Leonard

He's been writing novels for more than 50 years. Elmore Leonard is hailed as a master of the mystery and a first rate stylist. The legendary crime fiction writer's novels have inspired the films Get Shorty, Out of Sight, Jackie Brown and 3:10 To Yuma, and now the new hit TV series Justified.

We chat with the Dickens of Detroit about writing habits, moonshine and how to rob a bank.

10 rules_publish.jpgYou have to know what you're doing to write 46 novels and be consistently good. Leonard once worked up 10 rules for good writing as a kind of joke and then found they were a pretty decent guide to excellent prose.

We've got a contest going: write a single sentence that breaks as many of Elmore's rules as you possibly can. And send it to us.

The prize is really amazing: brand-new hardcover editions of Riding The Rap, Pronto and Raylan, all by Elmore Leonard.  Details here.

You have two weeks. Have a glass of moonshine and get started.


He's a French bon-vivant. She's a German intellectual powerhouse. They don't always see eye-to-eye, but when they're busy saving the Eurozone, the magic is all around them.

The European press are having fun with the odd couple dynamics of Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy. The German Chancellor and the French President don't really like each other, but have developed a close relationship to steer Europe out of economic disaster.

The press have picked up on the mixed messages they send and have dubbed them Merkozy. We'll analyze the optics.

wiki_dark_publish.jpgA Day Without Wiki

On Wednesday, Wikipedia went dark to protest the SOPA anti-piracy legislation and many other websites followed suit.

Even though people were warned it was coming, some were caught short by the Wikipedia black-out. Others were surprised by how many times they actually use wiki in a day.

Wiki withdrawal is real. Scott Faulconbridge describes his cold-turkey data day and how he filled in the cyber blanks.

taliban_cell_publish.jpgPhone Call From a Mullah

If you're travelling through rural Afghanistan, be careful what your cell phone says about you. Taliban sentries at road blocks have taken to examining people's phones when they board commuter buses. You better have the latest Taliban ringtone loaded.

The Talban are doing a brisk business shilling surprisingly sweet songs as ringtones, some of them related to their struggle, but generally they're secular, longing and sentimental.

We talk to a journalist about when you need a Taliban ringtone and when it's best to get it off your phone.

d&d_publish.jpgDungeons & Dragons Reboot

Stephen Lea Sheppard is an actor who played Dudley in The Royal Tennenbaums and Harris, the uber-nerd in the TV show Freaks and Geeks. He actually had a memorable scene in Freaks where he played Dungeons & Dragons with James Franco.

But Stephen doesn't just play a Dungeonmaster on TV - he's one in real life. He's also a designer of role playing games. So when we heard there was a reboot of the legendary Dungeons & Dragons game, we asked Stephen to check it out.

And translate it from the orignal Nerdish.

raylan_publish.jpgDon't forget, you have two weeks to write the worst sentence of your life and qualify to win some of the best writing around. Go here to learn more about the contest and the Elmore Leonard prize package.

I hope you come up with something really, really awful.

See you next week, sixers.


Brent Bambury @CBCDay6 

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