All Hell Breaks Loose: The Elmore Leonard Rule-Breaking Contest

ElmoreLeonard.jpgWe're honoured to have Elmore Leonard on Day 6 this week, and to celebrate we have five sets of his three novels featuring the character of U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens to give away: Riding The Rap, Pronto, and the brand-new Raylan. One of these sets could be yours.

Here's what we you need to do for a chance to win: Write a single sentence that breaks as many of Elmore Leonard's Ten Rules for Writing Fiction as possible. You can read them all here.

All you have to do is knock us out with a truly amazing sentence and you could be one of our five finalists. Winners will have their rule-breaking sentences featured on Day 6 and published in The National Post. We'll also send winners three great Elmore Leonard books courtesy of HarperCollins.

What are we looking for? Well, a winning entry might suddenly open with weather and go on to use verbs other than "said", adverbs, exclamation points, phonetically-rendered regional accents, detailed descriptions of characters and setting, and any other rule-breaking gambit you can squeeze in there.

Something like this:

In the drizzle and fog, the swarthy mustachioed man tempestuously exclaimed, "I reckon all hell's a-breakin' loose in them thar tree-lined hills!"

NOTE: This contest is now closed. We are no longer accepting entries.

ADDENDUM: Just a note of clarification, all of us at Day 6 have nothing but the deepest respect for Elmore Leonard and his craft. This contest is intended to show just how bad writing can be when his rules are ignored.

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