Episode 59 - Iowa Escapade



  • Money and the U.S. Vote
  • Dawkins; Science and Myth
  • Your Calendar Sucks
  • Taliban Office Etiquette
  • Incognito Stooge
  • Syria Alone


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IOWA_shadow_publish.jpg    Roll along Iowa, Roll down the field,
    On to victory!
    Roll along Iowa, Don't ever yield,
    Always a winner be!

- University of Iowa fight song

The U.S. kicked off the 2012 political season with Republicans mulling their candidates at the Iowa caucuses. But Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone had this to say about the whole show as caucus day unrolled on Monday:

"IOWA_flag_publish.jpgThe 2012 presidential race officially begins today with the caucuses in Iowa and we all know that means... Nothing."

Matt says the winner of the Republican contest and the November election will be the candidate with the most money. We talk to Matt and peek in the war chests of the presidential candidates. Where did they get all those millions?

dawkins_publish.jpgScience and Myth

Richard Dawkins is an ethologist, biologist, athiest and advocate. His latest book is called The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True. It's for kids.

Dawkins argues that the truth of science is more beautiful and more powerful than any myth. He told me:

"I want to give science its best shot as being appreciated as poetic magic.  If I succeed than my readers will think it is as magic in the poetic sense as music or art." 

He's controversial and he's passionate. He joins us from Oxford this week on Day 6.

taliban_publish.jpgThe Office

The Taliban are being encouraged to open an office in Qatar from which negotiations on Afghanistan may be held. The U.S. is so excited they are prepared to release prisoners from Guantanamo to broker the deal.

Mike Balazo is excited too. Because Mike loves to dispense office etiquette along with toner and paper clips.

Mike schools the Taliban on how to do-it-up in an Emily Post new world order.

Stooges_publish.jpgIncognito Stooge

James Williamson was a silicon valley guy, an executive at SONY electronics with a house and kids. No one he worked with knew that before he had his white collar job, James was an artist. A musician.

And not just a guy who played guitar, but a guy who played with one of rock's most influential, infamous and pulverizing machines.

James was a Stooge.

From 1970-77 James created some of the most seminal and identifiable music Iggy and his band ever made. He was on Raw Power. His playing influenced Johnny Marr, Kurt Cobain and Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols. But after he left music in 1977 he had other priorities. A lot of Stooges fans thought he was dead.

James tells us about his life as an ex-Stooge.

leap year_publish.jpgYour Calendar Sucks

Did you know it's a leap year? Yeah February has an extra day in 2012 which means the shortest month of the year is gonna feel even longer than it usually does. Sometimes the Gregorian calendar is just... tragic.

My guest Dr. Richard Henry has a solution. He's come up with a calendar that uses a seven-day week, but tweaks it so those seven-day weeks fill the entire year with no days left over.

New Year's Day is always the same day, presumably a Sunday. No leap years, no surprises. Think of the money you'll save in desk calendars alone! 

We get all up in Dr. Henry's grid.

syria_oublish.jpgSyria Alone

In December the Arab League sent observers into Syria where weekly demonstrations have been violently countered by the Assad regime.

The observers' visit hasn't stemmed any of the violence inflicted on Syrians. 5,500 have been killed since the uprisings began and many more wounded, detained or missing.

Some Syrians are arguing the Arab League is failing to help and they want the U.N. involved. Others want a no-fly zone enforced and foreign military intervention.

We have two positions on Syria: one guest who sees  military action as the best option in a series of poor choices. Another says no to all armed resistance. She calls for non-violence from the protestors.

raw power222222_publish.jpgFree Stuff

Lots of free stuff up for grabs this week: copies of Richard Dawkin's book The Magic of Reality: How We Know What's Really True.

And the special two-disc "Legacy Edition" of Raw Power by The Stooges including a crazed sounding live concert from 1972.

Just like us on Facebook and send us an email saying you did. Easy, huh?

We're back next week to mark the midpoint of January. Hope you can spend some of your Day 6 with us.

Have a great weekend.  


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