Kelefa Sanneh on The Earl Sweatshirt Mystery

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Imagine being the parent of a kid who becomes infamous at 16 for being one of the leaders of the most controversial rap group in the world. Rapper Earl Sweatshirt of the much-hyped Odd Future went missing months ago, and fans blamed his mom. Brent spoke to Kelefa Sanneh, the first reporter to make direct contact with Earl and his mother since his disappearance from the public eye.

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It's definitely worth checking out Sanneh's article - there's much more to the discussion that we didn't have time to cover.

The recent release of "Goblin" by Odd Future Kill Them All leader Tyler, The Creator, has resulted in an avalanche of discussion about the act - much of it focused on the group's lyrics, which feature violent imagery, and sexist and homophobic slurs.

Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara wrote a blog entry about her concerns about the group's lyrics. Her sentiments were echoed in a statement issued this week by GLAAD. Tyler himself has responded by saying that he's not homophobic.

The controversy has inspired some thoughtful pieces of music writing, including Emma Carmichael's story in Awl, and Nitsuh Abbeh's piece for Vulture.

What do you think of the Odd Future debate about offensive language in art?



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