Dengue Fever Revive Cambodian Rock N Roll

Dengue Fever Big Blog.jpgDengue Fever are a band from Los Angeles who celebrate the sounds of Khmer Rock n Roll - a genre of joyful psychedelia once rendered near-extinct by the rise of the Khmer Rouge. Brent talked to Cchom Nimol and Ethan Holtzman from Dengue Fever...


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   Dengue Fever's new album is called "Cannibal Courtship" and it's out now. The band's first trip to Cambodia is documented in the documentary, "Sleepwalking Through The Mekong" - which features a moving segment of Dengue Fever meeting the kids from Cambodian Living Arts.    Coming soon from the same director is a full-length documentary on the history of Cambodian rock called "Don't Think I've Forgotten":


The songs you hear in the Day 6 story are "I'm Sixteen" by Ros Soreysothea, Joni Mitchell's "Both Sides Now", "Sister In The Radio" and "Tiger Phone Card" by Dengue Fever.

If you're looking for more Khmer Rock, Dengue Fever curated a great compilation of this stuff called "Electric Cambodia." It's worth tracking down.

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