WTF Reinvents The Showbiz Interview

Marc Maron blog.jpgWTF is a podcast like no other. Host Marc Maron is a respected stand-up comedian himself, and his intense hour-long conversations the likes of Ben Stiller, Judd Apatow, and Robin Williams are a refreshingly slime-free reinvention of the show-biz interview. Recorded in a make-shift studio in Maron's garage and released with no corporate backing, WTF is funny, raw, and highly addictive.    


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You can listen to the most recent 50 episodes of WTF here. Full-length interviews with Robin Williams, Louis CK and many more are available from the WTF Podshop. A word of warning, WTF features strong language and lots of it.

You can follow Marc Maron on Twitter @MarcMaron and @WTFPod.

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